Flight Simulator 2020: Microsoft presents Reno Air Race, the multiplayer made of furious races

An anthology flight simulation, Microsoft Flight Simulator is preparing a revolution. The Reno Air Races expansion will soon offer players the possibility of launching supersonic races against pilots from all over the world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: multiplayer mode

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a devilishly realistic flight simulation. It allows you to survey and admire the different corners of the Earth on the back of an airplane. What to literally escape into the skies. The immersion is also even more consistent by opting for virtual reality available since last December in Flight Simulator 2020. And the simulation will soon be enhanced with a multiplayer mode that promises to be daunting.

On the occasion of Gamescom 2021, Microsoft has indeed revealed the upcoming arrival of l’extension Reno Air Races. This will make it possible to integrate the STIHL National Championship Air Races, or competitive air races organized in Nevada. The first notable extension of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it will allow players to compete against their friends or pilots from all over the world via a competitive multiplayer mode. The trailer (to be found below) thus augurs well for sacred airplane races.

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Flight Simulator 2020: you will be able to race in the fall!

The difficulty will lie in your ability to effectively and quickly control your aircraft while dealing with the trajectories of your opponents. In other words, it will be necessary to show great thoroughness and unfailing responsiveness. Anyway, Asobo Studio and Microsoft will detail the intricacies of this new mode as it goes along until it rolls out next fall.

While Flight Simulator 2020 is now available on Xbox Series X and S, the game’s global map will be revamped on September 7th. An update that will exclusively concern Germany, Austria and Switzerland where new cities, mountains, points of interest and airports will be added. In addition, new legendary devices will burst into the simulation. Dating from 1930, the German Junkers JU-52 aircraft will notably be available on September 7, for $ 14.99.

Finally, eVTOL electric air taxis will land in November. This will be the first step for developers “Towards the introduction of one of the most requested planes: helicopters”.


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