First official info unveiled by Rockstar Games

It’s been several weeks now that this GTA The Trilogy compilation has been talking about her. After the first echoes of Rockstar Mag ‘, Kotaku then Bloomberg, we had the right to a shower of leaks directly on the official Rockstar website through their Launcher.

After all that, the star-studded firm had no choice but to officially announce the trilogy. It’s now done, here is the first teaser and the first information.

GTA The Trilogy : The Definitive Edition

It is therefore directly on their social networks and their official website that Rockstar Games announced GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. The compilation is expected in 2021 (probably late October / early November) on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch consoles. But also PC via the Rockstar Launcher. We do not know if a release on Steam and the Epic Game Store is planned. A mobile version (on iOS and Android) will arrive in early 2022.

What will this final version of GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas offer? First of all, Rockstar promises a series of graphics and gameplay improvements for all three games. The studio, on the other hand, promises that the games will retain their classic look and feel. It is important to clarify that the original games will all be removed from online stores (Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store) starting next week.

Any news on GTA Online related to this trilogy?

In parallel with this announcement around GTA The Trilogy, Rockstar took the opportunity to give some information on the next content of GTA Online. Events related to 20 years of GTA III are planned such as special events, new clothes, liveries, but also surprises for GTA Online players, “Including the imminent possibility of unusual activity occurring in and around southern San Andreas…”

Rockstar is here referring to the next update (scheduled for December according to Rockstar Mag) which will allow players to receive a call from “Some well-known contacts and familiar friends need your help to develop their ‘legitimate business’ – with many more surprises to be revealed soon! “


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