Firefox 89 is finally here, here are its new features

The final version of Firefox 89 is now available. Among the novelties, we note in particular that the interface of the famous browser has been completely revised.

Firefox Mozilla
Firefox Mozilla

Mozilla’s browser gets a makeover. The final version of Firefox 89 is now available to everyone. And this one embeds many improvements aiming at improving the comfort of navigation of the users. We must therefore expect “A simplified toolbar, a simplified menu, an innovative tab design and advanced security and privacy tools”. What to do with it “The best Firefox to date”, indicates the official Twitter account of the browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

This new version is available for free on computers running Windows 10, macOS and Linux. In detail, the graphical interface has been significantly renovated to make navigation smoother and therefore more enjoyable. Named Proton, it wants to be more refined and less visually charged.. Concretely, the seldom used options of the menus and the toolbar have been removed, for clarity. Conversely, the functions most used in the menus were highlighted.

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Firefox 89: new tabs that are not unanimous

Once hung, the tabs are now floating. The rounded design of the active tab “Indicates that it is possible to easily move the tab as needed”, underlines Mozilla. These new tabs are not to everyone’s liking, however, as many users are unhappy with the disappearance of the old tabs.

On macOS, the browser is better integrated. Depending on the theme of the OS, it will go directly into light mode or black mode. And after the arrival of the “pinch to zoom” feature last November on Firefox, the double tap has appeared. It allows you to zoom in on a particular area by tapping with two fingers twice on the touchpad or with one finger on the Magic Mouse.

Rest, private browsing is now even more private thanks to the activation of the total protection against cookies. These are now placed in a “jar” specific to each site. What to prevent companies from following you from one site to another. To download the new version of Firefox, it’s here.


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