Finally, Sony Explains PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility 

With all the details that Sony has been informing to all the interested users, the backward compatibility details of PlayStation 5 is getting more and more clarity. 

Yes, through the official PlayStation support website, Sony did reveal further information and details on the PlayStation 5 backward compatibility details that you will find interesting as well as exciting.

As per the supporting page informs, one thing is sure that the “overwhelming majority of the 4000+ PS4 games are playable on PS5 consoles”.

You must also know that the selection of PS4 games will be able to get the benefit from the PS5 console’s “Game Boost”. That will make PS4 games to be capable enough to run with a higher and way smoother frame rate than before.

Furthermore, there are so many things that you are eager to know when you are going through the PlayStation support page. 

Sony makes sure to point out that some of the functionalities and features that you will get on PS4 may not be available when you are playing your favorite games on PlayStation 5.

Also, you need to know that if you want to play games on PlayStation 5 then some of the games that you will be playing may have “Unexpected Behaviour” when you are playing it on PS5.

It is somewhat strange and surprising to know that Sony also warns all the interested users that they should test as well as check their PS4 games on PlayStation 5 before purchasing it.

You should check it before buying the add-ons to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the gaming experience that will be enjoyable for all the interested gamers. Finally, the support page recommends the users should update the PS5 to the latest version.


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