Final Fantasy XIV: Update 5.45 is released

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: Update 5.45 is released

Pending the announcements of the event scheduled for next Saturday by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV welcomes update 5.45. On the program: improvements to the Queen’s Guard relic weapons, the new Delubrum Reginae alliance raid, and new features for the Blue Mage restricted job.

The story of Queen’s Guard, supervised by Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics) therefore continues with new quests to discover and the alliance raid Delubrum Reginae, located in the underground ruins of the ancient Citadel of Bozja.

The forgotten actions of the Southern Front of Bozja can be used in this raid, which brings together 24 players in “normal” difficulty and 48 players in “sadistic” difficulty, and thirteen new forgotten actions have also been added.

Access to Delubrum Reginae is by addressing Mikoto at the forgotten remains on the South Front of Bozja or Sjeros in Gangos.

Finally, the blue mages will be able to climb to level 70 and discover new quests, spells, and pieces of equipment as they progress. Simultaneously, the artisans and gatherers can improve their main tool of Skysteel by delivering the necessary ingredients to Emeny at Azure. Stay tuned for the next update.


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