FIFA 22: PS4, Xbox One and PC versions will be deprived of notable innovations

Scheduled for October 1, FIFA 22 will be especially calibrated for next-generation consoles. HyperMotion technology, synonymous with increased realism, will notably be absent from the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions.

Fifa 22: first trailer

FIFA fans eagerly await the new version of the famous football simulation from EA Sports every year. And this even if the evolutions are far from being noticeable lately, if we exclude the update of the jerseys and the workforce. Scheduled for October 1, FIFA 22 could however embed appreciable improvements. If you have a next-gen console.

And for good reason, EA Sports has notably focused its communication campaign on HyperMotion technology. Which is supposed to offer animations as realistic as they are smooth. But as the firm indicates in a press release, this technology will only be available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Stadia. In other words, the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions will be deprived of it.

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FIFA 22 will take on its full meaning on next-gen consoles

Obviously, EA Sports wanted to capitalize on the power of new generation consoles that far surpass their little sisters. Still, it’s surprising to say the least that the company doesn’t deliver a next-gen experience right on the PC. Especially since the novelties of FIFA 22 will be included in the Google Stadia version, a service compatible… with the majority of PCs.

According to IGN, EA Sports would have made this decision to prevent PC players with limited configuration from being sidelined. In other words, that the new features included in FIFA 22 prevent them from running the game properly. What’s more, console players are in the majority on FIFA, with far fewer PC players teasing the ball on the meadow.

The Electronic Arts sub-label therefore wished to bet the package on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / S. Old-gen players will therefore have to settle for the crumbs. As for PC players, they will still be able to move towards Google Stadia. An alternative that will allow them a priori to discover the main novelties of FIFA 22 on their computer.



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