FIFA 22: How to Recognize Animations from FUT Packs

While opening packs on FIFA 22 isn’t as immersive as it has been in the past few years, find out how you can tell if you’re going to get a good player or not.

With the arrival of FIFA 22, many of you are jumping into all the content the game has to offer. Whether it’s starting with Ultimate Team Mode or diving into the revamped Career Mode, EA has brought a lot of new stuff to this year’s new installment.

And if you are a fan of FUT mode, you are well aware of the roller coaster of emotions that occur when opening packs. We all want to get a Messi or a Ronaldo, and like every year, FIFA has some really handy animations that go off when you get certain cards.

Find out how to understand the animations in the packs of FIFA 22 and especially the meaning of each of them.


The new pack opening system on FIFA 22 is not unanimous.

The animations of the packs of FIFA 22

While players are less likely to get excited about an 83+ card than a walkout, however, these cards can be very useful early on in the Ultimate Team cycle.

And while these cards aren’t walkouts, some of the best center-backs, wingers, and forwards fall in this range.

When you wait for the card to be revealed, if you spot a flame on each side of the panels, this means that you have obtained a player of this range (83+).


If you see two flames appear, then you will get an 83+ player.

But the cream of the crop is the walkouts, and they have one of the most bizarre animations of all the FIFA games combined.

Animation of walkouts on FIFA 22

Walkout cards are mainly what players look for when opening packs, as they are dedicated to players rated 88 and above.

When opening the pack, the player you get will sprint right across the screen and perform some animations. The main way to tell if you have any of these cards is again the number of flames on the sides.

The walkouts are commemorated by six flames that rise in the air, so it’s hard to miss them.


If you see all six flames appear, then cross your fingers to see a possible PSG player.

So there you have it for the card animations on FIFA 22. Many players have been quite disappointed with this year’s system which is extremely fast and doesn’t really give players time to vibrate.

However, you will have to get used to it, since you will see these animations for a year.

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