Far Cry 6: how to get 61 Scorpion El General weapon in the game?

Our colleagues from Screenrant have just indicated the procedure to follow to unlock the 61 Scorpion El General weapon in Far Cry 6.

Several weeks after its release, Far Cry 6 has not yet been 100% completed by some players. Most needing unblock the army 61 Scorpion The General. That’s good, we will show you how to achieve it through this article.

Prepare for the assault

Because yes, as you can imagine, several steps will have to be respected to complete this challenge. Precisely, our colleagues from Screenrant gave several pieces of information on this subject. But also some tips to avoid any problem.

First of all, know that you will be able to get your hands on this weapon during a specific mission of Far Cry 6. It will be during « Fuel the Revolution ” That you are going be able to have the 61 Scorpion El General. But where will you tell us?

You will have to go to Isla Santuario, in the Vencejo region, at Prado Meadows. This region lies between the Cabo Doblón peninsula and the Tocoloro ridge. Finally, it will be at the FND Munitions Storage that the weapon will be located.

The media specifying that you will find a small FND bunker there guarded by Yaran soldiers in Far Cry 6. Finally comes the most complicated in this story. As you can imagine, the place will be guarded by many soldiers.

This mission would be far too simple without their presence … So you will prepare to face a horde of enemies. Especially since several types of guards are there. They range from vanguards to heavy gunners.

Not to mention engineers and snipers. So you will have understood, this quest for Far Cry 6 will probably ask you a lot of time to complete it. We advise you to start it if you have time in front of you.

Far Cry 6: how to get 61 Scorpion El General weapon in the game?
Far Cry 6: how to get 61 Scorpion El General weapon in the game?

The 61 Scorpion The General of Far Cry 6

But also to prepare very well to face your rivals. Since most of these troops are elite type. So you will have to be extremely careful advancing through the area. At the risk of getting killed all at once.

Fortunately, a few tips exist in Far Cry 6. Our colleagues advising, for example, to go in an FND base not far from the area. And this, with a very specific goal: to steal a tank of this militia.

By having such a vehicle, you will then have a huge tactical advantage in this mission. Because the tank will help you knock out several enemy troops in one go. And even the elite troops of Far Cry 6 will not be able to resist your power.

Once you will have killed all the soldiers blocking your road, you will finally be able to enter the bunker. At the entrance, on the right, is a key card which will allow you to open the room in which the weapon is located.

Once the map is in hand, go down the orange ladder to get to a steel door with a red light above it. It is behind this door that the weapon of Far Cry 6. All you have to do is open it to get the precious loot.


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