Far Cry 6: How to feed the pelicans in the video game?

In Far Cry 6, it is possible to feed the pelicans in the video game. But how should you go about it? Answer below.

Far Cry 6 has been out for a few weeks already. Despite everything, some still have trouble with some of the game’s quests. Like the one given by Yaran in which you have to feed the pelicans. Rest assured, we’ll explain how to do it.

A side quest

Before continuing, be aware that you do not have to complete this quest to continue the main story. However, it is not to be neglected. Like most side quests, this one will offer you some pretty interesting material.

Hence the importance of these additional challenges in Far Cry 6. As we let you know, this is a mission given by Yaran. By realizing them, you will be able to discover new areas of the map of the game and it is still very interesting.

You will also be able to discover new characters. But also have new weapons and new items. Then, how should you feed the pelicans ? First of all, we should already know where they are.

Writing it is good, but having the image is better. Exactly, know that the cliché below will allow you to find the area where the pelicans are in Far Cry 6. Do not thank us, our colleagues from Screenrant helped us a lot for that.

But even before going to see the birds, you will have to go to another area. Quite simply to a water point. In order to catch fish. Because yes, these birds love poiscaille. And it is this food that you have to offer them.

Because of this, you understand that you are going need a fishing rod. But normally at this point in the game you should have one. If not, you will have to move forward in Far Cry 6 to get the precious item.

Far Cry 6: How to feed the pelicans in the video game?
Far Cry 6: How to feed the pelicans in the video game?

Feeding Pelicans in Far Cry 6

If you have everything you need, then head around the island where you took the mission “Shock Therapy”. It will be in a water point in this area that you will find your fish. And here’s how to fish.

In Far Cry 6, you have to open your weapon wheel to take your cane. Once it is equipped you will have to hold RT / R2 to drop your line. Once done, you will be able to hold LT / L2 to quickly rewind it and watch the fish in the water.

You can also let go of the trigger to slow down the lure until the fish bites. When this is the case, players from Far Cry 6 can press RT / R2 to shoe it. Then hold LT / L2 while moving the right joystick in the directions required to prevent the line from breaking.

With this technique you should be able to haul your fish without much worry. It may still take some time. But by following the instructions, you shouldn’t have any trouble putting together what you need.

And once done, you can complete your quest for Far Cry 6. Especially since you will only need a pelican to succeed. A single bird can eat 3 fish at once. Yes, they have a lot of appetite.


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