Fans Respond To GTA Online’s New 50 Car Garage As Well As Its High Price

Fans Respond To GTA Online’s New 50 Car Garage As Well As Its High Price:

GTA Online’s weekly update was launched today, and it included an unexpected item since the release: a 50-car garage. Others felt it was a touch humiliating, but anybody with the finest skills in GTA understands how difficult it is to have all of the best vehicles without having to purchase 1000 different residences. Many GTA Online users are concerned about not having sufficient money, yet there is still plenty of cash in the 50-car garage.

The 50-car garage, located on Los Santos’ Eclipse Boulevard, is split over five stories and is free for users of Rock-star’s $5.99 per month GTA+ subscription.

What Are GTA Online’s 50 Car Garage Fans Saying?

The “The Eclipse Blvd 50-Car Garage” is a 50-car garage situated north of Los Santos. Dynasty 8 Real Estate is selling the enormous garage for $2,740,000… This is a large sum of money for any GTA gamer. Several gamer on the Reddit post have been debating the pricing, with some saying they already have the money and others saying they would spend the whole weekend playing the game nonstop until they can afford it. “I know what I’m doing for 3 hours tomorrow,” one devoted athlete said. The real issue is whether you could make that much money in three hours. It would be interesting to put to the test.


Eclipse Blvd is 50 kilometers from North Los Santos. Dynasty 8 real estate for sale for $1,740,000 via gta internet.

Each floor of the garage has its own hangout area with couches, beverages, Televisions, and outside monitoring, and players may also customize the aesthetics of each particular level.

1st Garage Floor ($1,150,000)

  • Level 1A – 6 vehicles
  • Level 1B – 7 vehicles
  • Level 1C – 7 vehicles

2nd Garage Floor ($855,000)

  • Level 2A – 6 vehicles
  • Level 2B – 7 vehicles
  • Level 2C – 7 vehicles

3rd Garage Floor ($745,000)

  • Level 3A – 6 vehicles
  • Level 3B – 7 vehicles
  • Level 3C – 7 vehicles

To express their joy, one gamer simply typed “finally” in all capitals. Another admirer said something amusing: “I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.” It is amusing to consider. GTA Online has been around for approximately ten years and has over 746 automobiles. If you collect a lot of automobiles, tanks, or even motorbikes, you will rapidly fill up a regular garage.

New Vehicles In The Latest Update:

The update also includes the New Toundra Panthere, a lightweight French sports vehicle, extra Drug Warfare activities, & new daily Stash Houses to loot and Dead Drops to collect.

The Los Santos Drug Wars epic kicked out in December with a big addition that included six primary objectives to GTA Online, serving as the first chapter of a new story arc.


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