FaceTime on Android: how does it work? Tutorial

You may have missed it, but Apple opened the barrier to its FaceTime calls with iOS 15. Now Android users can call iPhone through its internet calling system, video.

At a time when instant messaging is on the increase, competing with platforms specializing in videoconferencing, FaceTime was starting to be curled up on itself, although many Apple customers use the service.

FaceTime on Android won’t be the most used service, but it’s always nice to know that compatibility is possible. Be careful, however, you will have to go through a web browser to access it.

FaceTime on Android: download iOS 15

Compatibility is available since the release of iOS 15. The definitive and stable version of the operating system on iPhone is available since September 20. It is now possible to join a FaceTime call with an Android smartphone or computer.

How it works ? To guide you through making your first FaceTime call on Android, here is a tutorial to show you step by step what to do. You will be able to judge for yourself: the technique is very simple and fast.

How to use FaceTime on Android

Apple has not decided to integrate a FaceTime application on Android. So the brand went through the web. Enough to allow both Android devices and computers to join a FaceTime call. But how do you join a FaceTime from the web? Users will have to wait for the contact on iPhone to share a link to join the call.

He can, for example, send it by SMS. Then, the user on Android just has to click on the link that will open a Web page of Apple’s platform for FaceTime. It will automatically be directed to the call in question. During the first use, it will be necessary to accept the authorization requests of the page to access the camera as well as the microphone. Without these accesses, FaceTime calls on Android will not be available.

To create a FaceTime invitation link on iPhone, it’s easy. Go to the FaceTime app, then click on the new button available with marked ” create a link “. By sharing this link and generating this new call, your contact on Android will just have to click on it. On FaceTime, group calls are also possible so several Android users can also connect to the call.

Method for a FaceTime on Android

  • On iPhone, click on the FaceTime app
  • Click on the button “create a new link”
  • Share it with your contacts affected by the call
  • Start the call
  • On Android, click on the link
  • Accept access requests (camera, microphone)
  • You are now on a FaceTime call

The process is exactly the same on a computer. Instead of sharing the FaceTime link by SMS, it is possible to send it by email for example or on another instant chat platform.


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