Facebook would track Apple users without their consent?

According to Bloomberg, despite the restrictions, Facebook continued to feed into Apple’s user data.

You thought you had your data secure against Facebook? Especially thanks to the latest restrictions? But this doesn’t seem to be the case for Apple users. In any case, this is what a Bloomberg report says.

Not much change

As with all social networks, Meta’s app has been constantly changing. With paid functions for example, but not only. In effect, since September, other novelties have arrived.

We have also devoted an article to this subject. In order to know everything that changed on Facebook in September, we invite you just click here. But what about paid features? Because yes, even this free social network has it.

However, it is not these functions that upset Apple users. Some blame Marc Zuckerberg’s social network for dig into their personal data. While these were supposed to be protected with IOS.

Our colleagues from BFM note, however, that Apple had reinforced them in 2021. But Bloomberg has just relayed a collective complaint. Which dates from September 9th. A complaint that accuses Facebook of having circumvented the rules.

Two people are at the initiative of this same complaint. In addition to accusing Facebook of having circumvented Apple’s rules… They also accuse him of having “Breaches national laws. But also the federal authorities on the protection of personal data”.

But what is really the nature of the problem? Since almost everyone knows that Facebook, or even Instagram, spy on us daily. In order to offer us content that corresponds to us.

Facebook would track Apple users without their consent?
Facebook would track Apple users without their consent?

Facebook is spying on Apple customers?

Quite simply because we are supposed to have the choice whether or not to disclose certain information. It’s a new time our colleagues from BFM who remind him. Apple users can indeed “choose which application can access your personal data”.

And therein lies the whole problem for Facebook. Just because “without personal data to provide to advertisers… The social network is amputated from its main source of income« .

To quantify the loss, know that the social network would have predicted a loss of ten billion dollars in advertising. Loss or not, the social network would therefore have broken the rules. And that did not please Felix Krause. A cybersecurity researcher. Having revealed how the “pixel” works. And this from several digital platforms.

He had, for example, let it be known that Meta was tracking the searches and actions of its users. Worse still, it would do so even when the app is closed… And this thanks to an “in-house” browser of the company From Facebook.

Thanks to this, she could therefore have continued to take data. Many people realized that. That is why, a case is now in progress and Meta could be risking big. It remains to be seen what the bosses will decide.

Will they stop collecting information? And take the risk of losing a lot of money? Or find an arrangement to continue their harvest… Without going against privacy?


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