Facebook: how to download an archive of all your data and activities

It is possible to download an archive of personal data and activities on Facebook: photos, videos, publications, private messages, among others. A backup can be recovered as a zip archive, with the ability to view it independently and offline from a web browser. We show you all the steps.


If we have some tips for you to protect your personal data, you might be on the verge of deleting your Facebook account. Before proceeding and embarking on this process, we are talking about another possibility offered by the social network. That of back up your data by downloading an archive of all your activities.

How to download the archive of an account on Facebook?

It should be noted before starting that the functionality is only accessible from the web version of Facebook and not the mobile application. Access Settings by clicking on the triangle at the top right of the screen. Next :

  • Go directly to this page or go to Settings > Your Facebook information.
  • Click on See to the right of Download your information.

  • Choose the format, the quality recovered data and period. We recommend that you set HTML, High, and All the time.

  • Once done, review the items you want to recover. As you will see, Facebook keeps a lot of information about you. You decide what you want to download. We recommend that you select everything. Scroll down and click Request a download.

The archives are recovered in the form of a more or less lightweight ZIP file. The weight depends on your level of activity on the social network. The data is organized in several sorted folders. You have the choice of either browsing the data folder by folder or just clicking on the Index.html file at the root. This will open in a web browser.

All your Facebook activities as well as your personal data are then accessible offline and outside the social network. Useful for those who decide to close their account: they keep a local copy of all their activities on Facebook, with no date limit.


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