Facebook and Instagram threaten to pay if you refuse to be tracked

iOS 14.5 allows users to limit the use of their data by apps. Not to the liking of Facebook and Instagram, which operate through a targeted advertising system. The two apps have published a message telling users that they risk becoming chargeable if they can no longer collect their personal information.

Facebook et Instagram iOS 14.5

As we mentioned last month, Facebook and Instagram are the two apps that collect your data the most. A way to deliver personalized advertising to users. And of course to earn a lot of money. However, the firm at the apple does not see this very favorably. She thus set up a system to protect his flock.

In iOS 14, applications can no longer collect personal data without obtaining the consent of the user. It is also possible to decide precisely how its data will be used. In response, Facebook and Instagram added an iOS 14.5 post to their two respective apps. According to their language elements, it is simply an insert ” educative “ aiming to “Help people make an informed decision about how their information is used”.

Facebook and Instagram want to continue collecting your data at all costs

We can read in particular that the collection of data allows them to remain completely free. A message that sounds like a warning. If users no longer agree to be tracked, the two applications will eventually become paid., can we read between the lines. Blasting the evolution of Apple’s privacy policy, Facebook further believes it could hurt small businesses. Which rely on its advertising network to weave their clientele, ensures the social network.

Anyway, it would be very surprising for Facebook to become fully paid in the future. This would go in particular against its slogan affirming that the social network will remain free forever. Note, however, that this currency had been discreetly removed from the home page in 2019. For his part, Mark Zuckerberg had not ruled out the potential arrival of a paid version. However, in 2018 he assured Congress that there would always be a free version of Facebook.

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