Fabrice Deville (Un si grand soleil) really looks like Florent?

Does the actor Fabrice Deville have any similarities with his character in the series Un si grand soleil, Florent? We tell you everything!

Does Fabrice Deville have any similarities with his character in the series Un si grand soleil? MCE TV tells you more!

Fabrice Deville in Un si grand soleil

Every evening, the French series Un si grand soleil brings together more than 4 million viewers in front of their screens. All necessarily know actor Fabrice Deville.

The latter lends his features to the character of Florent Graçay in the daily series of France 2. The actor who celebrates his 50th birthday next November confided in his role and his private life at News Actual magazine.

You should know that before joining the cast of the series Un si grand soleil, Fabrice Deville already had a great career to his credit. The French actor indeed made his TV debut in 1995 with The Children of John.

He then played in several successful series. In particular Women of the Law, Clem, RIS or even a formidable Family and Joséphine guardian angel.

Besides TV, the young actor also acted in the cinema. “I started with the cinema and then I continued with a lot of supporting roles. “ he explains.

He still confides that he would have liked to have more substantial roles. Fabrice Deville is still proud of his career. Thanks to which he learned his profession as an actor. But for him: “Everything is to be done”.

He is still proud to be able to make a living from his profession. In 2019, he joined the cast of the series from France 2. Besides, he seems to have a lot of similarities with his character, Florent. We tell you more.

Fabrice Deville (Un si grand soleil) really looks like Florent?

Fabrice Deville and Florent look alike

The actor Fabrice Deville therefore plays the role of Florent in the series Un si grand soleil. The French artist also confides that he finds that he has a lot of traits in common with his character.

“Yes, I have some common traits with my character” he confides. “I try to bring the character of Florent into my own skin, which means that Florent occupies a part of Fabrice, but he is obviously not Fabrice. ” explains the young actor.

He also confides that his character in Un si grand soleil is someone who tries to be as straight as possible. “What Fabrice is not necessarily” he specifies.

“It makes me feel good to play such a character. Florent is a little less funny than Fabrice. ” he explains. He adds that he would like his character to have a bunch of friends around him. History of make it a little nicer.

“Florent brings me the intellectual rigor of a lawyer, but in contact with Johanna, a lot of things will happen for my character. ” tells the young French actor. Finally, Fabrice Deville concludes by saying that indeed, there is a bit of him in his character.

“We put a little of ourselves in the character of course. And when it’s a daily, it doesn’t hurt that it’s not too far away. “ he adds finally. The actor seems in any case to have found a balance between his true personality and that of his character.