Explains the secrets of social networks

secrets of social networks

The last years have supposed the explosion of the social networks in the whole world, first it was Myspace, and later Facebook, and Instagram, that have revolutionized the way in which the people communicate. Users who connect to social networks do so because they are interested in the information published by their contact list.


 At the same time they generate content that their friends follow, let’s not forget that social networks have become a new platform that allows society to access valid information outside of traditional media. Therefore, it is fundamental for companies to understand that conventional communication and advertising are not efficient in this environment. Brands should not be intrusive, since they run the risk of generating rejection by users.


For this same reason, social networks represent a very attractive space for brands, since users spend a great deal of time paying more attention than when they consume other media such as television or the press. 


Marketing managers can create pages, groups, communities or applications to promote a brand or a company in social networks, these actions helps to interact with users, engage in conversations with them and build value for the brand. They contribute to the overall results of the companies in the long term, but, except in very specific cases, they have no immediate effect on the income statements.


It is advisable to publish exclusive information that is not offered on the corporate website regularly, so that the followers of the company are compensated to dedicate their time, because when someone considers becoming a fan of a certain brand in Instagram, they always will ask: What do I get in return ?. 


The type of information that the company must publish in its profile in a Instagram must be fully adapted to the target and the particularities of said network, in short, the professional who is in charge of managing the image of the company in social networks, not You only have to know the brand, and the strategy to follow, but you have to be an intensive user of these networks, to not clash with the way in which users move in it.


How to be present the brand in social networks 

• Hiring advertising campaigns very segmented, because the network has plenty of information about the user and all visits are made by prior identification. 

• Building an identity for the brand, through a profile or page in which a community manager dumps content of interest to the network and facilitates conversations with its members. 

• Developing applications that improve the user experience of the network, and get vitality by providing fun (games), utility (web applications) and / or facilitate the meeting between users (social applications).

• Participating and / or creating community spaces, such as groups, referring to the issues that affect the brand or its consumers. 

• Connecting our brand space with social networks through the systems they provide, such as Facebook Connect, Instagram chat or Google Friend Connect and also buy followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.


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