Everyone May Now Use Xbox’s “Carbon Aware” Energy Saving Features

Everyone May Now Use Xbox’s “Carbon Aware” Energy Saving Features:

the Xbox February 2023 update with the new carbon aware Shutdown power option will be arriving to all Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

One of the finest aspects of the Xbox Series X & S consoles is their wide power saving settings, which may dramatically lower the energy the device needs. The trade off is that the console takes longer to load up, but this is a minor price to pay for a smaller bill and considerably lower consumption rate, particularly since these settings may cut the power use from 10/15 watts to 0.5 watts while inactive.

Essentially, Xbox’s new energy saving function lets a console   as long as it’s connected to the internet and also has access to regional carbon intensity data   to schedule game, app, & OS updates when a larger percentage of power on the electric grid is coming from lower carbon sources. Microsoft believes this minimizes fossil fuel reliance & CO2 emissions and might even save consumers money.

Xbox notes that both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now have the ability to provide “carbon aware game downloads and updates,” which will utilize “regional carbon intensity data” to update your console or download game updates at carbon optimal times.

The New Xbox Shutdown Mode Reduces Rnergy Usage By Up To 20x:

In a recent article on Xbox Wire, Xbox designated the Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One as the initial consoles to “provide carbon aware game downloads & upgrades” with this update. If your console is plugged in and connected to the internet, it will now download console patches and updates most likely at night when it won’t have as much influence on the electric grid.

How Does It Function?

When your console is plugged in and connected to the internet, & regional carbon intensity information is available, Xbox would schedule game, app, & OS updates for your console at particular times during the nightly maintenance window, which may cause fewer carbon emissions because a greater proportion of electricity on the electric grid is coming from lower carbon sources. This minimizes fossil fuel reliance & CO2 emissions and might even save you money.

The Google Home App Can Be Used As A Touch Remote Control For Your Xbox Console:

You may use Google Assistant to operate your Xbox system using voice commands since 2019. We’ve teamed up with Google today to allow you to utilize the Google Home app as a touch remote control for your Xbox console. You can now simply switch your Xbox console on or off, navigate on screen, manage media playing, and more by adding it to your Google Home app. You may use the Google Home app to control your Xbox as you do with other Smart Home devices.

Shut down and Sleep are the default energy saving modes for Xbox Series X/S. Shut down saves the most power since it switches off the console while still enabling Xbox Series X/S games & upgrades to be placed on the system. When the Sleep option is selected, the console is put to sleep rather than shutting off, enabling it to be switched on and accessed through remote features, allowing the console to boot up quicker. By contrast, the Sleep option consumes 20x more power than Shut down.

Enabling Carbon Energy Features:

To configure the energy saving features in Xbox Series X/S systems, just click on the Settings icon on the home page, which is towards the top of the screen and is symbolized by a cog symbol. Go to the General tab in the Settings menu, then click on Power Options. This will take you to the General Power Options page, which contains the majority of the energy features.

You Can Change The Power Option:

Customize power choices on the General Power options page to further customize how the Xbox Series X/S utilizes power. This page enables the user to choose how long it takes for the system to switch off while idle and to deactivate automatic updates. The page also includes Xbox Series X/S TV settings, which control which devices may turn the console on or off.

The Xbox February update is ready today. The news comes as the corporation continues to dominate the cloud gaming sector while battling to finalize its purchase of Activision Blizzard.


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