Every like becomes a donation on this rival Instagram app

Launching a new social network in 2022 against well-established giants like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, is not lacking in panache. It is precisely the crazy bet that the British entrepreneur Dominic O’Meara decided to attempt by creating Supernova. The app is currently in the testing phase on Android and iOS.

Its ambition is clear, it targets above all “millennials” and members of Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2010). For this, the social network wants to be a platform that prevents toxicity and that highlights positive interactions.

If Supernova earned as much as Facebook, 60 billion euros would be donated to associations

But the originality of this service, which looks a lot like its competitors, lies rather in its economic model. So Supernova has planned to donate 60% of its advertising revenue to charities. The money will itself be distributed according to user preferences on causes such as climate change, animal protection, human rights, help to the homeless, mental health, or more specific emergencies. .

As specified Techcrunch, if the app is able to capture at least 1% of the global advertising market on social networks, it would raise around 714 million euros for these noble causes. And if Supernova were to become a tech giant like Facebook, more than $ 60 billion would go into the pockets of associations.

Our colleagues were able to test the platform which has many similarities with Instagram and in particular the sharing of photos and videos, the publication of comments, messages etc. There are also privacy tools and all the other parameters present on the Most social networks.

However, the “Like” functionality is a little different because the like allows here to encourage a charitable organization. When the user post is liked, it is therefore the association of their choice that will receive a share of the advertising revenue. This initiative is not without interest and it will be interesting to see if Supernova manages to make a small place among the giants.



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