Every Cheat And Command You Can Use In Raft

Every Cheat And Command You Can Use In Raft:

Like any survival game, Raft can be hard for people who have never played it before. The new thing is that this level of challenge is no longer just for new players.

It’s also good for people who want some time to be artistic without having to worry about how to stay alive. In games like Minecraft, the creative mode gives you a lot of choices, but Raft’s creative mode doesn’t have as many.

Raft is a survival game from 2018 that puts the player in the middle of a harsh sea. When players are facing hunger, dehydration, and a hungry shark, they need every edge they can get. However, the game has slowly taken away one benefit.

Cheats aren’t used as often as they used to be, but they are still functioning properly in games that need them. One of these games is Raft, which puts your survival skills to the test on a raft in the center of the ocean.

Even though figuring out how to get around in the world and facing sharks in the deep sea may sound hard, there are plenty of cheats you may employ to help make your life easy. This guide shows you how to employ cheats inside Raft so that you can live in comfort.

All The Commands For The Raft Console:

In the default version of Raft, the game’s creator has taken away the option to use shell commands. But if you download some of the mods we list below, you can use shell instructions.

You may utilize any of the following to change your game once you’ve changed it to accept console commands.

All Spawn Commands
/spawn boar
/spawn chicken
/spawn goat
/spawn landmark
/spawn landmark_big
/spawn landmark_pilot
/spawn landmark_raft
/spawn llama
/spawn pufferfish
/spawn shark

All Attribute Commands:

Commands What To Type
/set blockhealth X Type “/set blockhealth X” where X is the health you want your character to have.
/set bonushunger X Type “/set bonushunger X” where X is the amount of bonus hunger you want your character to have
/set fps X Type “/set fps X” where X is the FPS you want to set the game to run at.
/set gamemode X Type “/set gamemode X” where X is the game mode you want you want to play.
/set hunger X Type “/set hunger X” where X is the hunger level you want your character to have.
/set oxygen X Type “/set oxygen X” where X is the oxygen level you want your character to have.
/set thirst X Type “/set thirst X” where X is the third level you want your character to have.

Miscellaneous Commands:

Commands What To Type
/clear “item or animal” Type “/clear “X”” where X is the animal or item you want to be cleared from the game.
/godmode Type “/godmode” to enable God Mode.
/shift Type “/shift” to move your raft to the middle of the game world.

How To Use Cheat Codes:

You are able to enter any secret code or shell order in the chat, that you can access by hitting the “Enter” key on your computer. Most games require you to utilise a different key on the computer, which can only be used to enter commands.

But it doesn’t seem to be Raft, since players can type the order in the chat with a ” ` ” backtick symbol in front of it. Also, just like how commands are used in Minecraft,

Best Cheat Mods:

Mod Name Description
Item Spawner This mod collects every previous console command cheat that used to be in Raft and improves upon them. Using it, you can spawn any items you like. This is useful for any playthrough because you can spawn the items you need when you need them, removing the scavenging and waiting time.
More Storages This mod adds more storage options to the game. It’s nothing fancy, but it is incredibly useful.
Solar Panel This mod is one of the best available because it allows you to recharge your batteries during the day. It’s by no means game-breaking and almost adds a new element to every playthrough that you must consider.


Using WeMod For Raft:

WeMod is pretty simple and easy to use. And to be honest, I use WeMod all the time, particularly for strategy games, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t use it in Raft too.

Because it would be fun, of course. You can safely download and set up the WeMod app, after which you can log into it as a guest. You can also sign up for an account.

If you want to buy a paid membership to WeMod, which is extremely helpful, you should make an account first.

Even though some of Raft’s cheat trainer’s features will only be available to people who pay for the paid version, this shouldn’t apply to all the other cheats that help. WeMod sees what you desire and won’t stand in the way of you getting it.

After you install the client, WeMod will attempt to find any games you have on your PC. If it doesn’t, you can install the game directly by clicking “Install” and pointing WeMod to the game’s official.exe.

WeMod works with both the Steam as well as itch.io versions of the game, while the Raft Mod Loader only works with the Steam version.

And since that’s the case, make sure to choose the right version before starting the game with WeMod, since the cheats will work slightly based on whether you’re using Steam or itch.io.


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