Epic Games Didn’t Succeed On Restoring Fortnite To Apple Store Again

Epic Games Inc again failed to restore the Fortnite game back to the Apple Store. The company did not succeed to force Apple Inc. to include Fortnite in its App store while the game developer is pursuing the antitrust claim against the iPhone maker company.

You must know that a federal judge in Oakland, California did successfully manage to reject the Epic Game’s bid for the restoration of Fortnite. Yes, Epic Games failed to force Apple to reinstate the Battle Royal Video Game in its App Store.

Also, the federal judge allows the Fortnite maker, Epic Games to use its own payment option. It will be of great interest for all the Fortnite lovers to know that they will not find their favorite video game in Apple’s App Store.

As you all know, Apple did manage to remove or eliminate Fortnite from its App Store in August. It did happen after Epic Games set up such a circumvented payment system to the direct payment option for in-game purchases.

The direct-pay system of Epic Games has circumvented Apple’s payment system which is the main reason why Apple removed Fortnite from its App Store.

It is sure that Epic Games are now dealing with its second setback for the lawsuit which allegedly charges Apple to run its own App Store as an illegal monopoly system. Epic claims that developers are indeed barred to let them make iPhone and iPad apps available on their own website.

You must know that Apple only allows the download and payment system through the App Store so as to get 30 percent of the purchase price. But unfortunately, the case now moves forward for the trial in the next year which proves that Epic Games loses again.

Most people believe that Epic Games does not have any intention of monetary damages. But the company is only asking for the enjoining of Apple’s rules.

So that it will open the iOS devices to the app distributor as well as payment systems and that will surely curb the App Store revenue. All of the information is as per the statement of Jeniffer Rie, Senior Litigation Analyst. 

Now, there are so many people who are in favor of Epic Games but the trial is headed for the next year. So Epic will have to wait for further processes.


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