Emmanuel Moire (Tomorrow belongs to us) soon ready to become a dad?

Emmanuel Moire confided in his desire to become a father to the magazine Nous Deux. The actor of Tomorrow belongs to us is finally ready.

Emmanuel Moire confided in his desire to become a father. The actor of Tomorrow belongs to us finally seems ready to cross the course of fatherhood. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Tomorrow belongs to us the success of TF1

The soap war continues on French television channels. More beautiful life, Here everything begins, Such a great sun. The soap operas are more and more on the small screen.

So much so that aficionados sometimes don’t know where to turn. Faced with the enthusiasm of fans for this famous genre, TF1 could not stay on the sidelines. Quite the contrary.

And the least we can say is that the Bouygues group can now boast of its success. Indeed, Tomorrow belongs to us get together every evening more than 3 million faithful.

A figure of size which proves that the creation of Frédéric Chansel, Laure de Colbert, Nicolas Durand-Zouky, Éline Le Fur, Fabienne Lesieur and Jean-Marc Taba have nothing to envy the competition.

And for good reason ! The writers are working hard to try to keep viewers going. Eh yes ! The intrigues are linked brilliantly in the production of the first channel.

After Sacha’s arrest, the discovery of the identity of the White Lady and the hostage-taking of the Spoon, a whole new story has just started in Tomorrow is ours.

The city of Sète is in shock. A brand new body has just been found by the police. It is that of Clément, a student of the Agnès Varda high school.

The whole establishment is then disturbed by the drama that has just happened. In particular the new professor embodied by the famous Emmanuel Moire.

Emmanuel Moire (Tomorrow belongs to us) soon ready to become a dad?
Emmanuel Moire (Tomorrow belongs to us) soon ready to become a dad?

Emmanuel Moire confides

Here are now some episodes that Emmanuel Moire made his appearance in Tomorrow is ours. And for the occasion, he confided to the magazine We both in an interview.

Very happy to be part of the adventure, the young man then explained: ” I have always been among the top of my class, but I often clashed with my teachers because I struggled with authority. This is still somewhat the case today. This syndrome of the good student, I find it on the set. “

And to continue: « I am diligent, involved, I do all I can to live up to the trust placed in me… ”

But that’s not all ! Outside the field of the camera, the actor of Tomorrow belongs to us seems to be finally ready to take a step forward in his life as a man. That of becoming a father.

« I have a natural relationship with children. I am also twice a sponsor and I take this role very seriously. As soon as I am in the presence of my godchildren, I reconnect with the little boy that I was. I love that. “

He thus adds: “I like to play with them, to accompany their enthusiasm, and especially to speak to them normally. I have thought about having children for a long time. In my life as a man I feel like I have great things to accomplish.«

« I must be a father, I don’t see my life differently. Today, I am no longer alone thinking about it. And I know it’s gonna happen. I’m gonna be a great dad! ” It remains to be seen when the singer will finally have the opportunity to announce the big news.