Emma explodes the price of mattresses by 60% (end tonight)

The Emma Original mattress has been the most popular bed in France for 2 years. The brand is hugely successful across Europe for its mattresses sold exclusively on the internet … with 100 night trial without obligation.

By favoring this sales channel, the German company makes it possible to reduce costs (in particular rents) in order to pass these savings on to its mattresses. They are like this 2 to 3x cheaper than those in a bedding shop. And again, that doesn’t take into account the 50% discount that is available for Black Friday through the official site. Finally, the code PRESSCITRON10 gives you 10% more discount.

To discover the offers, it’s here:

I take advantage of Emma offers

If buying a mattress on the internet was an unusual thing until a few years ago, Emma has contributed to the democratization of the practice. In 2020, more than 30% of all mattresses were sold through this channel. In 2021, this percentage could increase even further.

The company is positioned as the European leader in the entire bedding market, including the more traditional players. She has deliberately limited her range to make it easier to understand. The more models there are, the more people tend to get lost. Two high-quality models are available: the Emma Original and the Emma Hybrid.

Two Emma mattresses at reduced prices

For a long time, Emma focused only on her Original mattress. The latter was intended to be a mattress “universal” that can match all profiles. For this, Emma has developed a bed that is neither too hard nor too soft and which is the perfect mattress for almost all audiences. By opting for memory foam, a premium material, she quickly found success.

After having been “Elected product of the year” on several occasions then recognized by the UFC Que Choisir, the Original mattress had to share the limelight with the new Emma Hybrid. The latter was released last April and it lays the foundations for an even more high-end model. Besides the shape memory, it also incorporates a 12.5 cm layer of pocket springs. The rendering is exceptional, but it is necessarily more expensive than the first model.

The Emma Original corresponds perfectly to the average budget of the French for their sleeping arrangements – even more during this Black Friday. If the hybrid model is intended for a more affluent audience, Emma has had customer feedback asking for an even more premium model. Compared to equivalent quality mattresses in the store, they are always 2 to 3x cheaper.

Upon its release, the Emma Hybrid was recognized as a “best choice” by the UFC Que Choisir. This independent association offers a real indicator of the best products available on the market. To take advantage of this Emma mattress during Black Friday in the 140 × 190 cm format, you will need 609 euros – 10% (with the code), or 548 euros instead of 999 euros. This is an extra offer, you will not find better at the competition

I take advantage of Emma offers

For those who prefer an Original mattress, Black Friday allows you to have even lower rates. For the 140 × 190 cm format, it is displayed at a price of 378 euros instead of 479 euros. Again, with the code PRESSCITRON10, you will be able to remove 10% of the note: it drops to 340 euros. For such quality, you couldn’t hope for better.

Emma, un service premium pour Black Friday

If the success of Emma mattresses is obviously to be linked to the quality of the beds, this is not its only criterion of success. To give people confidence, she offers them to test the sleeping arrangements at home for 100 nights. During this period, customers can thus validate the product, its comfort and its firmness to decide whether to keep it or not. At any time, a delivery person can come and collect the bedding without necessary justification. On average, 3% of all mattresses are returned.

Finally, know that the brand also offers 10 years of guarantees for its product. Whether it is the Emma Original or the Emma Hybrid, both mattresses during Black Friday are eligible for this guarantee. The German brand, which produces in Europe, has confidence in its products, so it undertakes throughout this period to replace it if a defect occurs.

To do Black Friday at Emma’s, it’s here:

I take advantage of Emma offers


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