Emily in Paris (Netflix): Lily Collins will be more stylish in season 2?

Season 1 of Emily in Paris started off with a bang. In season 2 of the Netflix series, Lily Collins’ style will be on top!

In short, it promises for this new season. Indeed, the Netflix series Emily in Paris tease a truly unique style for the beautiful Lily Collins. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A series that knows how to highlight clothes?

We can tell ourselves, the Netflix series that talk about fashion are legion. However, kitsch parisian fashion is categorized by a particular show.

You’ve got it right: Emily in Paris! The series that we no longer present has enough for us serve on a silver platter a host of styles each crazier than the next.

It must be said that Emily, camped by Lily Collins, displays a flawless style that leaves no one indifferent. Never mind !

Vogue has recently deciphered his style in the first season and we tease a style still at its peak for next season …

We hope so anyway, because all these dresses too much, these hats, birkins and accessories have enough to make us dizzy

We can already imagine what the young American recently arrived in Paris could wear in season 2. Finally, we have no doubt that it will be more stylish and undermined like jaja!

For her part, a small obstacle arises in the way of Emily’s boss: the fact that she is pregnant. With the problems of grossophobia, she might see his job threatened...

If this French caricature which seems to amuse Americans makes us laugh yellow, we console ourselves with the style of its main actress.

And Emily’s styles are very amazing, on the other hand, we hope for a little more realism and outfits in the era of time, more similar to those that we could actually wear.

Netflix: Will Emily in Paris highlight outfits in line with the times?

Vogue wants to be very critical as for Netflix’s choices for Emily’s outfits. Of Emily and the other characters, of course.

It is clear that the outfits she wears do not reflect the way of dressing at all From our era. Even less of the year 2020, where the series takes place.

Although we can still find references to some haute couture fashion shows. For example Viktor and Rolf and his spring-summer collection of 2019.

A little wink made at the wild fashion show operated by Emily, as recalled Vogue once again. Yet is this sufficient to justify the clothing choices?

We must not forget that this parade also took place shortly before the shooting of the Netflix series. Proof that the showrunners took care of take an interest in the fashion of the time.

Or at least they should have been. Anyway, we must not forget thatEmily n’a “Not the references” according to Sylvie …

So she is not interested in fashion like any fashionista should. Maybe his style will be more sober and more likely for season 2. We hope so anyway …