Elves scores global recognition with Facebook Messenger

(Reuters) Los Angeles, U.S. – Coinciding with Facebook’s annual event F8, Elves was featured as the first app on Messenger’s Discover feature tab.

This means that no matter where you are in the world if you open Messenger and click Discover Elves is the first thing you’ll see.

This is a huge deal for Elves, an in-chat travel companion and discovery service built into Messenger. “We has no idea what was going on”, said Con O’Donnell, COO of Elves, “we just started seeing huge 10x increases of users, starting in the USA and then rolling across the globe!”

Elves set out to solve several pain points of travelers on-the-go, especially when travelers are faced with delays and cancellations. But it also takes care of reservations, concert and event tickets, getting around, and easier access to local services and know-how.

Being featured on Messenger Discover is a big deal for any app, “We’re thrilled”, said Abeer Elsisi, Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer, “it’s a fantastic opportunity to delight a whole new cohort of users who’ve never tried us before.”
Through the app, Facebook Messenger, Siri, and soon Google Assistant, travelers can use Elves to book domestic/international flights, make last-minute flight changes and be reimbursed the difference if the price of the flight drops after they buy it. Elves also track all the trips booked through the app and redeem passenger compensation automatically when the airline delays/cancels flights during their travel.
Co-founded by Karim Elsahy and his wife, Abeer Elsisi, Elves aims to transform the way people everywhere experience global travel and exploration. Both avid travelers, Elsahy and Elsisi have merged their collective experience of travel with building human assisted ai systems, to fill a communication and time management void within the travel industry. With the continued expansion Elves are leveraging the convenience of asynchronous chat with the power of machine learning to give travelers more time to enjoy a hassle-free trip.

Elves app is available for download on the Google Play Store, Apple App store, Facebook Messenger or at elvesapp.com. Learn more and be part of the story by following Elves on Instagram.
For consumers, Elves is a chat-based digital assistant built on top of a full OTA (online travel agency). With Elves, consumers can do anything from booking flights to concert tickets. Via chat through their apps or on Facebook Messenger users can chat with an elf that’ll do anything you need on your trip, like reservations to a restaurant, or recommendations for a night out. Using humans has allowed Elves to delight and thrive where other bots and other digital assistants have frustrated and failed.

The Elves machine learning method is unique – the bots serve the Elves (the real folks chatting with the users). The Elves act as human shields between users and bots. The Elves custom-built console passively trains smart bots, decision trees, and is building a repository of concierge-like use cases as the elves have normal conversations with users. Over time, these interactions are becoming increasingly automated without missing a beat for end users. Elves has found a sweet spot on the human/machine continuum that allows for delighted customers contributing towards a robust learner.

Elves is headquartered in Los Angeles.

Contact info:
Name: Karim Elsahy
Email Address: [email protected]
Organization: Elves
Address: 12575 Beatrice St, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
Phone Number: 3104022323
Website URL: https://www.elvesapp.com/
Video URL: https://youtu.be/VwAKwt184_E


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