Elon Musk teases his Tesla Bot, a robot that will do boring tasks for you

Never short of new crazy ideas, Elon Musk has just unveiled the curves and features of the Tesla Bot. Either the name of his future humanoid robot whose vocation will be to carry out certain dangerous and repetitive tasks for us.

Le Tesla Bot

Elon Musk had been tackled by robot Sophia a few years ago over his fears about artificial intelligence. Not enough to disgust him with androids, however, since the billionaire has just announced the future arrival of the Tesla Bot. During an event dedicated to AI, the boss of SpaceX brought on stage an artist disguised as a Tesla Bot who began to perform a few small dance steps. A strange sequence which fortunately quickly gave way to the explanations of the billionaire, slides in support.

As its name suggests, this humanoid robot will be doped with artificial intelligence like Tesla vehicles. The previous presentation also mentioned the Dojo supercomputer, which will help cars to move without human assistance in the future. “It makes sense to put all of this in humanoid form”, Musk thus emphasizes. In doing so, the Tesla Bot will be decked out with autopilot cameras that will detect its immediate environment.

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Tesla Bot: Elon Musk wants to enter optional work

He will thus be able to move independently to carry out his missions.. “It is designed to be friendly and operate in a world built for humans Musk said, suggesting that the Tesla Bot will easily overcome the obstacles that stand in its way. In its bowels, the Full Self-Driving computer will take care of making everything work.

But what will be its main responsibilities? In one slide, we learn in particular that the Tesla Bot will have the mission to perform certain tasks “Dangerous, repetitive and boring”. And the businessman to take the example of the races that the bot can take care of. More generally, he will even have a vocation to become a seasoned worker, allowing free time for humans. To the point that it will be necessary to establish a universal income, work becoming optional, already anticipates the billionaire.

Fearing the harmful effects of AI, Musk assures that it will be easy to defeat or flee the robot in the event of a dystopian revolt. The Tesla Bot is expected to measure 1.73 for 57 kg and could reach a speed of 8 km / h. Rather robust, it would have the capacity to carry 20 kg while moving and 68 kg while remaining static. The arrival of a prototype is already scheduled for next year.


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