Elon Musk confirms first orbital flight to take place in January

Elon Musk discussed the Starship program at length during an online conference with the Space Studies Board and the Board on Physics and Astronomy. According to the entrepreneur, SpaceX is accelerating its work on the new launcher and estimates that the launch pad, the launch pad, and “Mechazilla” will be ready by the end of the month.

Enough to allow the first orbital launch of Starship from January 2022, as Elon Musk likes to say for several weeks. According to the founder of SpaceX, a dozen Starship flights should take place in the course of the year 2022. This did not prevent Elon Musk from qualifying his expectations in the following questions.

Starship is in the nails for a January 2022 launch according to Elon Musk

“There are a lot of risks associated with this first flight. So I wouldn’t say that we expect that [le premier vol de Starship] be a success, but I think we will make a lot of progress ”, launches the hyperactive entrepreneur. Besides the technical challenge, the launch of Starship also depends on a hypothetical green light from the FAA.

The American agency is currently carrying out an environmental assessment on the SpaceX site in Boca Chica in Texas (recently renamed “Starbase”). According to the FAA, the report should be completed by December 31 – which may allow SpaceX to move forward. Nevertheless, it is still possible at this stage that the agency will find problems which could lead to a further administrative postponement of the launch authorization.

Elon Musk also made other disclosures. For example, we learned that launching Starship will be cheaper than launching a Falcon 9 in about 2 years. Ultimately, SpaceX intends to build at least 1000 Starship to make humanity a multi-planetary species.

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“SpaceX’s ultimate goal has always been to advance space technology so that humanity can become a multi-planetary species and ultimately a space civilization, and to make things that we read in science fiction come true. , to ensure that they do not remain fiction ”, conclut Elon Musk.


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