Elite: what date and time is season 6 released on Netflix?

In a few hours, Elite fans will be able to discover the new season on Netflix. But what day exactly?

Are you looking forward to it? Know that you won’t have to wait too long. Through these lines, we are going to reveal to you at what time and on what date you can discover the new season of Elite. And it’s coming to Netflix soon.

Less actors

But before revealing the next season, let’s come back to an important point. In particular the fact that since its existence, the series has seen many actors leave the ship. And often the most well-known and fan favorites.

Proof of this is with Omar Ayuso. Whoever played the character of the same name in the series has bowed out. It was on his Instagram account that the actor said goodbye to the Elite series. With strong words, which did not fail to sadden the fans.

“First and last shot of what has been the most important emotional journey of my life so far. In one image, the excited and anxious child. On the other, the not-so-excited child even more excited and much more anxious than at the start”.

He said first. Before continuing:« ELITE, we owe each other so much that I think it’s best to be left alone. Thank you to all the people who held my hand at the beginning of this strange path that is already mine…”

Most Omar is not the only one to leave the Netflix series. Indeed, another emblematic actor of Elite wanted to leave. This is Itzan Escamilla. Samu’s interpreter. The one announcing the news through an Instagram snapshot.
Because yes, in case you forgot, the character of Samuel should die in the rest of the series. It remains to be seen whether the actor himself asked the producers to put him to death. To bow out for good.

Elite: what date and time is season 6 released on Netflix?
Elite: what date and time is season 6 released on Netflix?

The new season of Elite on Netflix

No doubt we will have the answers to these questions in the next season. A new season that promised to be controversial. Especially with the many hot scenes revealed in the trailer. Finally, the producers would have reconsidered their decision.

In effect, according to Nextplz, the new season of Elite should deal with domestic violence. But not only. The media adds that social injustice, homophobia or rape will also be treated. Very sensitive topics that will interest many fans…

But what the latter will know above all, that is why samuel died. Because yes, in this season, it is indeed this character who will find himself lifeless. All the students will therefore try to find out what happened to him.

Maybe it won’t be not the only one to die in Elite. Since two other actresses would like to kill their character. And if you want to know who it is, nothing could be simpler. Just click right here.

But in the end, when will you be able to have the answer to all these questions? In a few hours. Yes, you read that right. The new season of Elite is coming to Netflix November 18 at 9:01 a.m.


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