ELEX II releases a combat trailer at the same time as its pre-orders

Elex II is a role-playing game, sure, but it’s a role-playing game with action. A new video focuses precisely on combats of the title of Piranha Bytes, while pre-orders open.

ELEX II combat will offer you various styles and above all a bunch ofdifferent weapons since you can opt for magic or guns through swords and bows.

ELEX II lets you choose to fight melee, ranged, magic, or a combination of all 3. You can learn every skill and master every weapon – it’s all up to you.

On the sidelines of this trailer, the title launches its pre-orders at €49.99 on PC and €59.99 on consoles (PS4/5 and XB1/Series). Publication scheduled for March 1, 2022.


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