El Risitas, the man with the famous giggles who became a staple meme, is dead

The Chancla. Juan Joya Borja, alias El Risitas, has died at the age of 65. The eternal video of his giggles, which dates from 2007, is one of the most used for hijacking on social networks, particularly in France.

The Giggles
El Risitas, image YouTube / Ratones Coloraos

Impossible to forget the infectious laughter of Risitas (“the giggles”), one of the most famous and appreciated personalities of the web around the world. On Wednesday April 28, the Spanish media announced the death of Juan Joya Borja at 65, that everyone named The Giggles.

Suffering from cardiovascular problems, he passed away yesterday in the hospital. A pot of Internet users from 18-25 jeuxvideo.com had yet raised nearly € 14,000 to pay his hospital costs as well as an electric wheelchair.

El Risitas is no longer

In June 2007, Borja was interviewed by host Jesus Quintero on the Spanish language TV show Colored Mice, Yes, the bursts out laughing after telling a humorous anecdote about throwing saucepans in the sea while working as a youngster in a beach restaurant.

At the end of June, the YouTube channel Jesus Quintero uploaded this interview segment, which garnered over 1.1 million views in the eight years after posting. Eight years later in 2015, the YouTuber ClukosGaming broadcast a version interview caption representing Borja as the designer of the GTX 970 graphics card, claiming that the hardware was deliberately sabotaged. Within a month, the video garnered over 780,000 views on YouTube and 2,700 votes on Reddit.

On the same day, the YouTuber chicane486 uploaded a video featuring Borja as an employee of Team Fortress 2, who joked about the various unpopular changes to the first-person shooter. The beginning of a long series of diversions of this video, always with fake subtitles on social networks and the web, in order to match the laugh of the Spanish comedian to another story. His laugh, unique in its kind and extremely communicative, will have toured the planet.


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