eFootball: release date, price, content, all about the PES successor

Konami has turned the page on PES, the iconic football game and historic FIFA rival. To replace it, the Japanese publisher will soon offer a free-to-play title called eFootball. Launch date, compatible platforms, content, here is everything we know about this new football simulation.

eFootball: neymar and messi

They had made the happiness of many players, anxious to tease the ball on the meadow, joystick in hand. Originally called ISS Pro, the Konami-style football simulation had been renamed Pro Evolution Soccer and then PES over the years. We still remember the long sessions we spent playing against our friends showing off all our footballing technique. The most mischievous, however, did not hesitate to exploit certain aspects of the game which made it possible to score a little too easily.

In this case, the famous deep pass stitched at mid-height or the one-two were often suitable to easily pierce the opposing defense (the real ones know). Still, the perfectible realism of the gameplay of PES, combined with its glaring lack of official licenses, did indeed precipitate its downfall. While it had twice become the best-selling cultural product in France (Pro Evolution Soccer 5 in 2006 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6 in 2007), PES gradually lost its footing in favor of its rival FIFA.

End clap for PES

It must be said that the game failed to migrate properly to the new generation of home consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360). For its part, FIFA has managed to convert more and more faithful, attracted in particular by its online game mode (FUT). But also by its gameplay and its tactical sense sticking faithfully to the reality of the field. Along the way, FIFA has become hegemonic and PES has never managed to catch up despite notable improvements in terms of gameplay, graphics and its multiplayer mode (MyClub).

And while we expected a new iteration of PES this year, Konami has taken the heavy decision to stop its flagship license. However, this will give way to a newcomer who will take the name of eFootball. The opportunity for Konami to try to bounce back, after seeing PES sales decline inexorably in recent years. Here is all the information known about eFootball which will have the heavy task of making people forget its predecessor.

eFootball: what’s new?

An evolving game

Gone are the days when Konami released a new soccer game every year. Conversely, eFootball will remain in place without stopping thanks to a system of seasons. Evolving, the game will be regularly enhanced with new updates and new content. Asked by IGN, producer Seitaro Kimura confirms that the game will evolve significantly over time.

Concretely, the new transfers will be updated and « des campagnes in-game » will be part of it, he says without revealing more. One can imagine that these are ephemeral competitions in which players will be able to participate at regular intervals. And for good reason, eFootball will give pride of place to multiplayer and eSport by eventually allowing all players to compete on the meadow, all machines combined.

New engine and new animation technology

As eFootball has only just been announced, information about it is limited at this time. We know in particular that it will be built around Motion Matching technology. Which will make it possible to offer a much more authentic animation system based on the movements of players recorded beforehand. “This system provides four times more animation than before, for highly realistic movements. Motion Matching will be used on all platforms, including next-gen consoles, PCs and mobiles ”, says Konami.

The game will also benefit from a new graphics engine (Unreal) which will notably allow “Rework in depth the expressions of the players”. What offer a much more realistic rendering, which should appeal to gamers in search of authenticity.

eFootball PES
© Konami

eFootball: which platforms are compatible?

The game will land on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Windows PC. Before also breaking into smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). Important precision, all these beautiful little people will be able to face each other in the long term then eFootball wants to be cross-platform. However, the fact that it is available on mobile is already worrying some people. Which fear that the overall quality of the game suffers.

Quoted by IGN, Kimura however insists that Konami designs “Games for consoles above all” then adapted to smartphones. Hence the use of the Unreal Engine: “The development speed on the Unreal Engine is one of the fastest among game engines, and its versatility includes high-tech and low-tech – perfect for mobile and next-gen platforms.”, he explains.

eFootball: what price?

It’s a big revolution for Konami. Used to selling copies of PES for around 60 euros, the Japanese publisher will now offer a free-to-play game. However, a number of game modes and additional content will be chargeable. And for good reason, it is necessary that the publisher manages to make his butter. Note that the game will be offered exclusively in digital format. There will therefore be no physical version.

eFootball: what release date?

We will have to wait until this autumn to start discovering the new Konami simulation. Here is the detailed launch schedule:

  • Initially, it will be possible to launch cross-gen matches (for example PS4 against PS5) and to face his relatives locally by selecting a team from a limited list (FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin, Manchester United , Arsenal…).
  • Later, still in the fall, all console and PC players will be able to battle it out on the ground thanks to the arrival of the cross-platform. In addition, it will be possible to create your own team by getting your hands on players. An international competitive league will also make its appearance as well as a Match Pass system. Which will allow you to win items and players.
  • Finally, from winter, eFootball will land on smartphones. So much so that players operating on the phone will be able to challenge users of other platforms if they have a compatible controller. Moreover, the esports tournaments will begin (amateur and professional).


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