Echo, Kindle, Fire TV … Amazon products at discounted prices up to -60%

While Amazon is renowned for its merchant site, it is not limited to just selling items from its e-commerce site. Indeed, its popularity also comes from its connected accessories, such as its voice assistants with Alexa, its Fire TV Stick or its e-readers. On the occasion of Black Friday, he breaks the prices of many references from his range. Here is an overview of the offers:

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Amazon is doing very hard for this new edition of Black Friday, all its accessories are entitled to very generous discounts today. Obviously, he doesn’t just focus on his own references and is interested in all the big brands. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the online merchant to find the best nuggets this Friday, the best offers will certainly be out of stock this weekend.

Why choose Amazon accessories?

Amazon accessories have multiple functions. Overall, their interest remains to simplify your daily life. All Echo Dot and Show devices come with the Alexa smart assistant. Thanks to the latter, you can ask questions directly to the voice, to start music or know the weather forecast for example. If you have other connected objects in your home (Philips Hue bulbs, robot vacuum cleaner), these devices also allow you to place voice commands. These work directly in connection with your WiFi network.

Among the Amazon accessories highlighted today, we also find the Fire TV Stick. It is the direct competitor of Google Chromecast, this object plugs directly into your TV so that you can project the broadcast on your smartphone directly on the TV screen. It is very easy to use and is effective for watching Netflix or Prime Video. Installation and daily use are very simple.

Finally, the Kindle e-reader is available in several models according to everyone’s expectations and budgets. Either way, you’re sure to have your favorite books with you everywhere without your bag or suitcase filling up. In addition, the screen brightness has been designed to resemble that of a paper medium, so your eyes won’t hurt even after a few hours of reading.

Overall, all Amazon accessories are great Christmas gift ideas. If they were already enjoying very good value for money, it simply becomes unbeatable with the current offers. In addition, you do not take any risk to order immediately from the online merchant.

And for good reason, the withdrawal period at Amazon is until January 31, 20222 from now. In short, you have until the end of next January to change your mind if you wish. This gives you plenty of time to celebrate the end of the year and return an order after Christmas if a gift did not suit its recipient. Do not wait any longer to take advantage of current offers, stockouts are very close.

To take advantage of offers on Amazon accessories, it’s here:

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