EA Sports plans to change the name of its FIFA license

FIFA enjoys excellent sales with every new iteration, but what’s a little dragging EA’s profits down the line? Quite simply, the license. Now that FIFA 22 released, Electronic Arts issued a press release announcing that the title is once again a scucch with 9.1 million players worldwide. In this press release, reflections are advanced on the future of the license, including a possible name change.

We can read:

As we look ahead, we are also exploring the idea of ​​renaming our EA SPORTS football games. This means that we are reviewing our licensing agreements with FIFA, which is unlike all of our other official licenses and partnerships across the world of football.

It is therefore possible that FIFA 22 will be the last or one of the last EA football games to be called FIFA. EA Sports’ games enjoy such a reputation that it appears likely that the public would follow regardless of the name.


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