EA speaks out on recent FIFA 22 account hack

EA SPORTS recently responded to a major issue that plagues many players who have had their FIFA 22 accounts hacked.

MAY 11/01/22

EA has spoken again about this account hijacking case and has confirmed that affected players will be contacted soon in order to restore their situation.

We can confirm that a number of accounts have been compromised by phishing techniques. Using threats and other ‘social engineering’ methods, bad guys were able to exploit human error within our Customer Experience team and bypass two-factor authentication to access other player accounts. .

At present, we estimate that less than 50 accounts have been taken over using this method. We are currently working to identify the legitimate owners of accounts in order to restore access to their accounts and content. Affected players should receive a response from our team shortly. Our investigation continues and we carefully review every suspicious change request sent by email and every compromised account report.

Account security always has a human factor and we know we need to do better. As a result of these incidents and our investigation, we took the following steps to strengthen the administrative and technical protections of EA Accounts:

  • All EA Advisors and people who help manage EA Accounts will receive one-on-one training and additional team training, with particular emphasis on account security practices and phishing techniques used in this particular case.
  • We will be implementing additional steps in the account ownership verification process, such as mandatory management approval for all email address change requests.
  • Our customer experience software will be updated to better identify suspicious activity, flag risky accounts and further limit the potential for human error in the account update process.

Anyone who has been playing FIFA Ultimate Team for a few years will know that there are usually a few “scams” ​​and hacks to avoid in order to get hold of your cards and credits.

Although EA has improved its security over the years, hacks are unfortunately still too common, and recently some big names in the FIFA 22 scene have fallen victim to another hack.

This new hack would involve hackers initiating a live chat with EA support in an attempt to change an EA Account email address to access the affected PlayStation or Xbox account.

This type of hacking has become quite widespread, and some famous players have fallen victim to it.

FODA foot 22

A massive hack has hit many FIFA 22 players recently.

EA speaks out on recent FIFA 22 account hacks

Some well-known streamers and traders have lost millions of credits in the past few days after a wave of hacks without EA SPORTS coming to their aid.

After speaking with some affected players, Dexerto managed to get a statement from EA on the new “hack”, and the studio is urging players to make sure their accounts are as secure as possible.

We have been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating.”EA told Dexerto’s David Purcell.

This statement may not be the drastic change affected players are hoping for, but it looks like more help will come at some point. But who knows when this will be the case?

In addition, some victims of these hacks still have not found their FUT team and their credits.

We will be sure to update this article if new information about this matter reaches us.


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