EA Announces Six New Soccer Mobile Games On The Success of FIFA Mobile

As you all know, FIFA Mobile has always been one of the most popular and exciting games by EA. There are thousands of players who love to play EA’s FIFA. There are some other interesting titles also such as Madden Mobile and UFC Mobile.

You must surely know that EA did manage to get profound success in the gamings related to the sports genre. 

You must have definitely heard of FIFA Mobile which happens to be the game having a huge fan base.

The game is what you can call a torchbearer for the company. While EA is planning to expand its amazing journey in the Mobile Gaming Industry in a grand and gigantic way.

CEO Andrew Wilson did manage to shed some light on a recent call with (EA) Electronic Art’s investors through the Gamingindustry.biz.

Andrew informs all the interested players as well as fans that EA has Six New Soccer Mobile Games that are currently in the development process for the new genres and new markets. 

EA Will Expand On Their Mobile Gaming Titles

You must know that Andrew Wilson did confirm later that the new soccer games that are going to come in the nearby future were an important part of the plan due to the occasion of the Jeff Karp returning back.

It is essential for you to know that earlier this year, EA was successful enough to welcome Jeff Karp. He is the one who heads up to their mobile division.

There are so many people who are happy to know that Karp is back on EA. Jeff Karp, being an executive at EA in his earlier days did gain an ample amount of experience in the Mobile Gaming community through his amazing positions at Zynga and Big Fish Games. 

Jeff Karp did manage to rejoin Electronic Art as the Senior Vice President of mobile games. You need to know that Andrew Wilson did confirm that he quickly identifies the true potential in the company’s IP stable which happens to be FIFA and Apex Legends chief among all other games.

It will be possible for Wilson to appraise his fellow colleague while he is talking about the tremendous and amazing network in the mobile gaming sphere of Jeff Karp.

One thing is sure that you can be able to understand and that is Wilson respects Karp much and loves the way Karp is using his skills and ideas in improving the mobile gaming at EA. 

Andrew Wilson’s further statement was, “And there are a lot of great developers out there who have… a lot of experience and expertise, but they do not have the IP to build their games around or the marketing muscle to really drive acquisition and what is becoming an increasingly competitive market.”

EA Announces Six New Games

Well, it is sure that all the gamers as well as players will be happy to know that the Electronic Art firm is going to bring six new Soccer games. There are so many players who did love to play the FIFA Mobile game.

Due to the huge and overwhelming success, EA will now add six more games to the list. It will be possible for players who love to play soccer games to have several games. The new games will indeed be amazing and exciting as EA will be launching it. Although there is no news about its release, fans are already excited about it.

Moreover, you should know about EA’s latest mobile strategy and that is going to be all about working hard hand in hand with the best external developers as well as publishers.

The statement says that EA will be working “in the context of licensing or co-development or co-publishing, or in some cases acquisition.”

Thus we can say that Electronic Art aka EA will be open to working with several other companies as well as organizations for the betterment of their mobile games.

It is sure that all the mobile game players and fans will be happy and excited to know that EA did announce that the Apex Legends game is finally going to release by September 2022.

FIFA Mobile Guides To Renewed Mobile Strategy For EA

All of you must have heard of it by now that FIFA Mobile is the new and latest version of the most popular and well-known Football Simulation series FIFA.

Since the game did debut in 2016, it did manage to grow a huge fan base which surely did lead the game to global success. You must know that the game also has fans residing all over the world and they are loyal as well as loving.

It is essential for you to know that even though there are players worldwide playing the game, you will find it remarkable to see that China, South Korea, and Japan have already had their own localized Exclusive FIFA Mobile that is operated by a separate team. 

You will definitely know that Football is the most popular sports game on this beautiful planet full of unique people, FIFA Mobile is the closest well-known game when we are talking about playing football on mobile devices.

So you just have to believe that there will be numerous new Soccer Mobile Games that EA will be announcing as the years will be passing by. FIFA Mobile is indeed an amazing and excellent game that you are definitely going to enjoy. 


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