Dyson Hair Dryer Is In Freefall Via Official Site

Rarely, Dyson bowed to the game of discounts all weekend. The famous British household appliance brand is unveiling discounts on several high-end references, including its excellent hairdryer. The Supersonic model is priced at 339 euros instead of 399 euros – an immediate reduction of 60 euros. If you want to take advantage of this inexpensive 2020 generation device, you won’t have to wait.

To see the offer on the Supersonic hair dryer, it’s here:

See the Dyson offer

This Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is available in gray / fuchsia, black / nickel and black / purple. If the 3 colors are still available for now, it will not last. Indeed, this unexpected discount is likely to unleash passions. We invite you to be as lively as possible to take advantage of it – even if it means using your right of withdrawal afterwards.

Choose this hair dryer on the Dyson website

Fans of Dyson devices know that the brand is not a fan of kickbacks – and that’s saying something. The manufacturer hardly ever posts discounts throughout the year, even during peak periods like Black Friday. These are one-off and very limited (on the official website or in the store) to the point that they often remain available for a few hours at most. It is for this reason that this offer on the Supersonic hair dryer is an opportunity not to be missed.

During a previous operation, Dyson had unveiled several reductions on its stick vacuum cleaners (the V11s are also at reduced prices this weekend). In the minutes which followed the news, the site was inaccessible then the models all arrived out of stock within a few hours. In the end, the event lasted less than a few hours. Dyson prefers to keep its premium image and makes very little use of this kind of device.

If you have a crush on the Supersonic hairdryer at the official Dyson store, there are a few advantages to consider. First of all, know that you will receive the device within 24 hours for all orders placed before 2 p.m. – the delivery is free. In addition, you have all the time to pay in 4 installments free of charge if you wish, you simply have to check the option when confirming the order.

See the Dyson offer

Then you have up to 30 days to change your mind at Dyson. If you pick up the Supersonic hair dryer, but it’s not right for you, this return policy gives you time to send the order back to the UK manufacturer for free for a full refund on the product. Thus, you are sure not to take any risks, but we strongly doubt that the device does not live up to all your expectations.

The Supersonic hair dryer isn’t the only Dyson branded device at a bargain price on the official website right now. You can also make great savings on cordless vacuums, purifiers or fans. All are top-of-the-range products that will give you the expected comfort, think of hurrying if you are interested, because these offers end on this Sunday.

Why choose the Supersonic?

The Dyson hair dryer can boast of being a top model in the market, few competitors display such technical characteristics to date. He is entitled to all the know-how of the British brand in air technology. This is why it is coveted by all people looking for a premium device to dry their hair.

More specifically, the brand’s Supersonic hair dryer is equipped with the Dyson V9 digital motor capable of reaching 110,000 revolutions per minute for 13 liters of air propelled every second towards the amplifier. In addition, the Air Multiplier technology allows an amplification of the air flow which provides an output jet at very high speed. To put it simply, it’s great for drying your hair faster (while protecting it) even when you’re in a hurry.

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer relies on the presence of an intelligent device responsible for managing the heat. To do this, the temperature of the air flow is measured 40 times per second, which ensures the good protection of your hair during drying. Otherwise, you can choose between the four heat (or freshness) options: 100 ° C for quick drying or brushing, 80 ° C for classic drying, 60 ° C for soft and diffused drying and 28 ° C for constant cold. You will find the right mode according to your expectations.

Finally, the Supersonic hair dryer is very easy to use. Besides the heat, you can choose from low, medium and high options for the drying speed. In addition to the device itself, you also receive a smoothing nozzle, a gentle drying nozzle, a diffuser and a brushing concentrator. All colors are concerned by the accessories, you can learn how to use them thanks to the tutorials offered on the official Dyson website.

In the end, the Supersonic hair dryer saves you time and energy thanks to its ease of use. You have plenty of time to dry and style your hair without risking damaging it – whether in the short or long term. This is an investment that will quickly pay for itself in everyday use. In addition, it will prove to be just as solid and effective over time.

To discover the offer on the Supersonic hair dryer, it’s here:

See the Dyson offer


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