Dynasty: why the famous Netflix series will not have a season 6?

It’s official ! The Dynasty series is canceled on Netflix and will therefore not have a season 6. To the greatest despair of the fans!

Like many other films and series, Dynasty is canceled on Netflix as on the production chain, CW, and will therefore not have season 6. Thunderbolt for fans of the series. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Still more series and films canceled on Netflix

It doesn’t stop! Every week, Netflix removes more shows and movies of its platform, as Dynasty. Which may displease some people!

For example, a few days ago Netflix announced the end of the series with Steve Carell, Space Force. A series inspired by Donald Trump’s crazy project. Indeed, the latter wanted to create an army brigade dedicated to space. No official reason has been given for this cancellation even though it seems quite obvious.

Indeed, it is no longer a secret, Netflix is ​​going through a rough patch and no longer really have the right to make mistakes. Thus, the series not really being a hit, the platform has decided not to renew the contract for season 3.

More recently, this Friday, May 13, 2022, Netflix is ​​attacking a French series. In fact, the series Funny will not have a season 2. The series was about the world of stand up. However, as for Space Force, the audience was not at the rendezvous. End clap for Funny.

Now it’s the turn of Dynasty. The series will not have a season 6. Indeed, despite the fact that the first four seasons have done quite well, the CW has seen its audience drop for the fifth season. MCE TV tells you more!

No season 6 for Dynasty

This year, the CW spared no one. It is in total seven series that have been removed from its catalogdont Dynasty. Very sad news for fans of the Carrington family.

While season 5 is out just a few months ago on the CW and it hasn’t even made it to Netflix yet, it’s official : Dynasty, it’s over. There will therefore be no season 6. In France, the “InfoSérieFR” account reported the news on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, the disappointment of fans of Dynasty quickly made itself felt. “It’s very sad for this series in any case, but it was highly predictable sadly, wishing all the cast the best, especially Liz,” dropped a user. “No, but what is their problem at the CW to cancel all serious series? », confessed another. General disappointment!

However, many fans are speculating on the possible takeover of the channel by Netflix. “They have a contract with Netflix, so, hoping…”, tweeted a follower. To be continued !

For information, the CW removed many other series this Friday, May 13, 2022. Legacies, Charmed, Roswell : New Mexico, In the Dark, Naomi et 4400 also suffered the same fate. It looks like the CW is doing its spring cleaning. It remains to be seen which series will replace these!


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