Dungeon Encounters will allow you to explore the dungeon one space at a time

By people who worked on Final Fantasy

An event dedicated to video games is always an opportunity to find big names, but also to find more modest and very interesting projects. the Tokyo Games Show 2021 will have brought us Dungeon Encounters, a title by the producteur Hiraoki Kato (Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age) et le director Hiroyuki Ito (creator of the ATB system, still on the side of Final Fantasy).

This title, which will appear on October 14 on PC, Switch and PS4 in Japan, offers a very particular artistic direction since it recalls the paper rpg cards made up of boxes supposed to represent dungeons.

In this RPG focused on dungeon crawling, you will have to venture deeper and deeper into the so-called dungeons. No Western release date has yet been announced. with, at a minimum, an English version.


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