Dreame crushes its prices, its vacuum cleaners defy all competition

Here we are: Black Friday and its crazy offers are here. And Dreame wasn’t going to miss it for the world. For only a few days, his vacuum cleaners (broom as well as robots) are at mini prices on Amazon. You will see, it will change your life!

Xiaomi’s spinoff, Dreame brings together the brand’s know-how and its philosophy of offering exceptional performance at the best price. Which makes Dreame a stubborn competitor to Dyson, but three times cheaper.

Thus, five vacuum cleaners of the brand are entitled to madness reductions of up to 150 euros. A real bargain to be seized urgently! But we will have to be reactive because these mini prices are only valid in the limit of the available stock. Hurry to enjoy it!

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The Z10 Pro, a nugget of robot vacuum cleaners in 2021

Dream Z10 Pro

© Dreame

This is Dreame’s last baby. The Z10 Pro is the best there is today. Not content with sucking up dust, animal hair and hair, it also mops and empties itself thanks to its automatic washing station. In short, it is the dream since you have nothing more to do.

Despite a vacuum cleaner power of up to 4000 Pa, the Dreame Z10 Pro is very discreet with 80 dB maximum. It can work in complete autonomy for 2h30, enough to give it time to thoroughly clean your interior. And with a height of less than 10 centimeters, nothing stops it, not even your furniture.

At the moment, the Z10 Pro is entitled to a reduction of 80 euros thanks to a coupon. Magical ! The latest robot vacuum from Dreame is yours for 419.99 euros instead of 499.99 euros.

The Dreame Z10 Pro on Amazon

L10 Pro and D9, quality robot vacuums

Before the Z10 Pro, Dreame was releasing the L10 Pro and the D9, two other robotic vacuum cleaners of such impressive quality as their little brother.

The Dreame Bot L10 Pro has great suction power.

L10 Pro © Dreame

The L10 Pro also vacuum and mop your home. Here again, you have peace of mind when it comes to cleaning. Even better, you can also control your robot vacuum cleaner from your phone with the Mi Home app or with your voice since it is compatible with voice assistants. In terms of autonomy, the L10 Pro can work tirelessly for 150 minutes. This is more than enough to make your home shine, even if it is large.

For Black Friday, the price of the Dreame L10 Pro drops to 311.49 euros instead of 389.99 euros. A saving of 78.50 euros which is always a pleasure!

As for the Dreame D9, it just sucks up the dirt in your interior but in a very silent: only 20 dB. Like the brand’s other robot vacuums, the D9 accurately maps your interior and can be controlled by voice thanks to its compatibility with voice assistants.

At the moment, the Dreame D9 grants itself a discount of 60 euros on Amazon and goes to 239.99 euros (instead of 299.99 euros).

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Let yourself be tempted by premium stick vacuums

Dream T30

T30 © Dreame

If leaving the cleanliness of your home in the hands of a robot vacuum doesn’t tempt you, you can fall for a cordless stick vacuum. Handy while being robust, Dreame offers the recent T30 or its predecessor, the T20.

The T30 is Dreame’s newest stick vacuum, released this summer only. Ultra premium, it is an update of the previous model. It keeps the featherweight of the T20, namely 1.7 kg, as well as its maneuverability since it is cordless and sleighless. If the T20 could last 1h10, Dreame has improved the autonomy of the T30 which accompanies you for 1h30. This is sufficient to take care of your accommodation.

Dream T20

T20 © Dreame

Of course, the latest Dreame will be a little more expensive than its previous version. However, both stick vacuums are affordable and very reasonable. On Black Friday, the T30 is yours for 351.99 euros instead of its original price of 439.99 euros. As for the T20, its price plummets. It is only 249.99 euros instead of 399 euros. Mind-blowing offers that will allow you to revolutionize your daily life …

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