Dr Disrespect is more than fed up with Warzone

Dr Disrespect seems to be at wit’s end, admitting that he is seriously considering stopping everything related to Warzone, until the next map is deployed.

To say the least, Dr Disrespect has had its ups and downs in Warzone so far, not failing to raise his voice time and time again.

While in recent weeks many players, tired of the galore bugs and the omnipresence of cheaters, have packed their bags, determined to go and see if the grass was not greener elsewhere, Dr Disrespect is considering more than ever to imitate them.

Dr Disrespect’s problems with the battle royale boil down to two things, his “Dull speed” and the influx of cheaters. In the past, these negative points have already led the YouTuber to try Apex Legends, Overwatch and Valorant.

This time, however, he appears to be ready to hang up for good, with the new card being the only thing that could keep him coming back.

Dr Disrespect at wit’s end

Dr Disrespect has had a lot of ranting about Warzone in the past. However if every time the content creator got angry, now he just seems to be disillusioned.

“It’s over for me, man”, he said during his live. “I want to get out of this damn game (…), I literally fall asleep… I don’t know if I can still do this. I really want to stop completely until the new map is released. ”

“I just have no enthusiasm, no interest in playing a game designed for 11 year olds”, he added. “This game has turned into a joke at this point, and I just don’t want to (…). Warzone is fair… I really think he’s never been so bad at playing. I no longer have any interest, no longer any enthusiasm. I have done everything, seen everything, experienced everything in the game ”.

Now, the only thing that Dr Disrespect believes could make him return to Warzone would be the release of the new map he has repeatedly praised suggesting that it “Looks like a PUBG card.”

“Yes, please, let’s get the hell out of Verdansk”, he said, echoing the sentiments of many players.

It remains to be seen if the novelties promised on paper will live up to the expectations of the Doc and the Call of Duty community.


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