Don’t Believe Poor Benchmark Scores of iPhone 12 Just Yet

There are so many rumors that are howling all over social media about the bad benchmark scores of the new and latest iPhone 12. But you do not have any strong reason to believe it just yet.

You must know that all the current news stories that are circling among the people are that someone did get a hold of the iPhone 12. That user did manage to put the 5G smartphone through a benchmarking test to see how much is the power of the iPhone 12 smartphone.

But most people are disappointed to know that the results are not good enough. The iPhone 12, or what you are expecting to be the performance beast is not going to hold up to its pre-reputation that the users did create.

One thing that you need to understand is that there are some reasons why you should not believe the benchmark test.

You need to know that the benchmark test that people are currently talking about was carried out on the AnTuTu platform. All of this is as per the reports that MySmartPrice did spot.

It is a platform where the iPhone 12 smartphone did manage to get a score of 564,899. You must also know that the iPhone 12 Pro was also another device to go through this benchmark test.

The iPhone 12 Pro did get a benchmark score of 572,133. The test scores are really surprising for all the users and they are in no condition to believe that iPhone 12 can score this much low.

It is because the iPhone usually will be ahead of the Android rivals in the department of “Processing Power”. You do not believe the poor benchmarks of the iPhone 12. 


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