Donald Trump says he suffers without Twitter and calls for justice

Banned in January 2021 from Twitter, Donald Trump suffers from no longer being able to use his favorite social network. As he fights his ban from the platform in court, the former President of the United States has asked a federal judge to restore his account.

Donald Trump Twitter
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Twitter a banni Donald Trump on January 8, 2021, two days after inciting a mob of supporters to storm the United States Capitol. At the time, the company said there was a risk that the former president’s tweets would incite more violence.

Trump then filed class action lawsuits against Twitter, Google and Facebook – all of which banned it to some extent from their platforms – last July, for having ” violated his rights under the First Amendment “. As he was no longer welcome, the former president launched a blog in May called From the Desk of Donald J. Trump. He had closed it a month later for lack of audience.

But today, Donald Trump suffers from not being able to use his Twitter account. With no viable way to get redress, the former President of the United States turned to a federal judge to argue his case, hoping the legal system will force the American company to let him tweet again.

A sword in the water ?

Donald Trump a donc filed a preliminary injunction Friday in South Florida District Court. He asked the judge to have Twitter temporarily reinstate his @realDonaldTrump account as he waged a merciless fight against his ban in court for several months.

The former president maintains that he is likely to win his trial, because this ban ” violates the first amendment “, as well as “ Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Marketing Practices Act “. Except a priori, Twitter will not allow Trump to return, even if he becomes a presidential candidate.

In the court file, which you can find in full here, Trump argues that not granting the preliminary injunction – or letting him come back on social media – would cause him and his 88 million Twitter followers. , ” irreparable harm “. The former president says his prolonged absence on Twitter is also damaging the Republican Party.



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