Donald Trump closes his blog for lack of audience

Expelled from social networks, Donald Trump had migrated to his official site where he had opened a blog called “From the office of Donald J. Trump”. In particular, we could find his press releases there. But the low number of visitors and the mockery prompted him to close it.

Trump ferme son blog

Following the invasion of the Capitol by his supporters, social networks had cracked down on the former US president. Accused of having thrown oil on the fire, Donald Trump was notably banned from Twitter. A platform he used extensively to communicate and where 88 million people followed him.

In addition, the former tenant of the White House is also persona non grata on Mark Zuckerberg’s network. He still had 32 million subscribers. Donald Trump was effectively banned from Facebook and Instagram (24 million subscribers). And this even if the supervisory board of the social network requires that the latter publishes its moderation policy to ratify his ban.

Trump blog closed due to poor audiences

To counter-attack, the ex-president announced that he would launch his social network. Last March, his advisor Jason Miller announced that he would be back in three months maximum. “With its own platform”. In the meantime, the president hosted a blog on his site known as “From Donald Trump’s office”. It included his press releases that visitors could share on social networks. It was, however, impossible to comment on Trump’s quotes.

As NBC News reported on May 11, Trump’s blog had only garnered 212,000 social media engagements since its launch. We are thus (very) far from the scores he achieved when he had access to all his communication channels. According to a source quoted by the Washington Post, the low number of shares and the sarcasm generated by the blog would have convinced the former president to put an end to his fleeting career as a blogger. Its press releases are now available in the section “News”.

Still according to his advisor Miller, Trump’s future social network would still be in the cards. It remains to be seen whether he will be more interactive than his blog almost nipped in the bud.



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