Does your first name comply with the law of 1803? Take the test with QuickMyFirstname!

You certainly know it if you follow political news at all (directly or indirectly), recently Eric Zemmour felt that it would be necessary to “not allow foreign first names in France“, Referring then to a far from 1803, which was relaxed in 1966, before being repealed in 1993. A law which specified then that the first names chosen by the parents had to come from“names in use in the various calendars, and those of known figures from ancient history.

What will be your first name in 2022?

An intervention which obviously caused a strong reaction, including on the side of Internet users, some of whom hastened to develop a website to find out what your first name should be, as long as it does not comply with the law of April 1, 1803. A site which takes up in a rather amusing way the principle of ViteMaDose, since the latter was baptized “QuickMyFirstname“.

The principle is very simple, since you just have to go to this website and enter your first name. In one click, the website will tell you if your first name is correct or not. For example, the first name Stéphane does not conform, and it would be more appropriate to exchange the latter with Theophane.

If your name is Vincent, Louise, Camille, Valentin or Romain, good news, you will not have to change your first name if the law of 1803 resurfaces. On the other hand, if your first name is “Christopher”, it will have to be exchanged for “Christophe”, while the “Tristan” will have to get used to the first name “Christian”, when the “Hadrien” will have to give up their “H” for get in good standing.

For the little info, according to the site ViteMyFirstname, if your name is Kevin, your first name already complies with the law of 1803. On the other hand, if your parents baptized you Dylan, you will have to get used to what we call you Odilon …


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