Do you want to build an unusual house? Airbnb can help

If you have an unusual house project, now is the time to go for it. Airbnb has just launched a new fund called “Wow! “. The objective is to reward 100 participants in order to allow them to realize their wildest ideas. The game is clearly worth the candle, since the platform promises 100,000 dollars per lucky winner, for a total of 10 million dollars.

An unusual Airbnb accommodation outside and inside

To participate, all you have to do is send your file before July 22nd. On its site, Airbnb has unveiled the criteria that will be taken into account to decide between the applications. Originality will be in order, it will logically be necessary to surprise and distinguish itself from the usual accommodation. The feasibility will also be scrutinized: “ Your project must be feasible and able to comply with building inspections and other controls. It should also be completed by August 2023 “, specifies the platform.

Experience will be another criterion analyzed for the final decision. Clearly, the interior of the accommodation will have to be as incredible as its exterior appearance. But it is also necessary that this habitat remains comfortable for those who will live there.

Finally, sustainable development remains an important aspect for Airbnb which asks applicants: “ Adopt an ecological approach. Consider using renewable energy and recycled materials to have a big impact on travelers but minimal on the planet. »

To judge these different cases, Airbnb calls on real experts, including interior designer Iris Apfel, architect Koichi Takada, Airbnb Superhost Kristie Wolfe and Bruce Vaughn, vice-president in charge of experience at Airbnb.

The service should clearly be there too. As our colleagues from Capital, the nights booked in accommodations of the category OMG! Have increased by more than 49% in 2021 compared to their level in 2019.

You can find all the details of this call for projects and the complete rules on this page created by Airbnb.


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