Do you copy and paste all day long? We have the keyboard you need

The StackOverflow site is an extremely useful programming question-and-answer site. If you are stuck in a project you can quickly get several different answers by simply posting a post on this site. But StackOverflow is more than that. It brings together and federates a large community of programmers since its launch in 2008.

The site therefore has its own culture, and sometimes even shows a little humor. On April 1, StackOverflow webmasters decided to play a joke on Internet users. An alert was displayed on the site, claiming that the number of copy and paste on StackOverflow would now be limited. To remove this limitation, the message stated that you would have to buy a special keyboard called The Key, supposed to allow you to only copy and paste on StackOverflow.

A special keyboard instead of Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V?

The joke has had some success, to the point that many users have expressed disappointment that the famous keyboard “The Key” does not really exist. This is why StackOverflow has decided to join forces with the Drop platform to launch the famous mini keyboard composed of three keys that you can admire in the front page of this article. You can now pre-order this very useful keyboard on Drop for $ 29. The number of units is limited, and once stocks are exhausted it will be necessary to wait at least until December 13, 2021 to be able to buy “The Key”.

The Key is therefore three buttons: a button with the StackOverflow logo, a C button and a V button. On the Drop product page, we can read that this keyboard is “fully programmable”. You can therefore use it for anything other than copy and paste, such as adjusting the brightness of your screen or the sound level. It is also easy to replace the three keys with custom keys if you feel like it.

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Drop and StackOverflow explain that the profits from this product will largely be donated to the charity Digitalundivided. The latter, explains StackOverflow “Merges data and hearts to develop innovative initiatives to act as a catalyst in the economic development of black and Latino communities”. Amused by this micro-keyboard? How would you program it if you had one at home? Share your feedback in the comments!


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