Disney +: Will Smith rediscovers the planet in “Welcome to Earth”!

On Disney + Will Smith sets out to explore the planet. The American star caused a sensation in the show Welcome to Earth.

Very soon, Welcome to Earth will land on Disney+. In this new documentary series, Will Smith rediscovers the planet. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A new documentary series on Disney +

Definitely, Will Smith does not cease to be talked about! The American actor has been chaining projects for some time. And the least we can say is that the latest is surprising.

Indeed, the star did not hesitate to embark on a whole new adventure. A decision that is likely to greatly please his community.

Eh yes ! Jaden, Willow and Trey’s dad collaborates with Disney+. The goal ? Explore the most hostile places on the blue planet. A crazy concept that reminds us the famous show of Zac Efron, Feet on the ground.

After Netflix, it is therefore the turn of the Mickey platform to go green and allow viewers to discover the world.

“On a remote island in the Pacific, Will Smith ventures at the heart of an active volcano to study sounds undetectable by the human ear. He then discovers that on our planet, all things produce sounds of their own. »

This is the synopsis posted online. A summary that is already unanimous. On December 8, subscribers to the Disney + video-on-demand service will therefore have the chance to watch the 6 episodes of this new series documentary.

Good news for all lovers of geography. From land to sea via sky, the interpreter of Deadshot in The Suicide Squad traveled a lot for develop an achievement to the height.

An interesting creation that exudes joy. Asked about this partnership with Disney +, Will Smith also confided on the set from Welcome to Earth.

Revelations which therefore did not fail to to cause a sensation among his admirers. MCE TV tells you more!

Disney +: Will Smith rediscovers the planet in

Will Smith’s confessions on the set of Welcome to Earth

According to information posted by Tele-Leisure, Will Smith has discovered a new passion by participating in the show produced by Disney +. « I step into the unknown« , first indicated the actor before continuing:

« There’s a new breed of explorers which take me to the ends of the Earth to discover hidden worlds beyond our senses. Once you decode the mysteries, you can find crucial information about the world around us. »

Accompanied by Darren Aronofsky for this project, the Hollywood star is therefore creating a buzz. Besides, his sidekick did not fail to applaud the work of his friend.

« I am delighted that Will Smith has joined the adventure. His intelligence, charisma and humanity contribute greatly to the project, welcoming viewers into this unique tale of the breathtaking wonders that have made life on Earth possible. »

It remains to be seen what Disney + subscribers will think of this documentary series. To be continued... And very closely.


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