Disney wants to make its films and series impossible to hack thanks to the blockchain

Disney takes on pirates. Mickey’s firm has just unveiled a brand new blockchain-based anti-piracy patent. The goal is ultimately to make the job more difficult for pirates to intercept and distribute films before they are released in theaters or on SVoD platforms.

Disney +, Marques Kaspbrak

As a content producer, Disney has every interest in keeping pirates off. The entertainment company is involved in various law enforcement initiatives and a few days ago added a new anti-piracy patent to his arsenal. With a distribution system based on the blockchainDisney hopes to make it more difficult for pirates to intercept films distributed in theaters.

Dinsey equips himself with a blockchain-based anti-piracy system

Disney is one of the best-known brands in the world. She also owns an impressive collection of movies and TV series. Whether through theatrical releases or via its own Disney + movie streaming service, the firm is securing a significant and stable income gain from its content.

While competition is stubborn from other studios (like Prime Video or Netflix not to mention), Disney’s biggest threat seems to be piracy. To solve this problem, a “ dedicated, internally Is working around the clock to find solutions, in addition to being associated with the ACE coalition. Disney’s anti-piracy efforts have paid off, as the firm has already helped eliminate dozens of hacking sites and services. But she does not intend to stop there.

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Indeed, a patent recently aired offers a blockchain-based media distribution system which aims to prevent leaks. Entitled Blockchain configuration for secure content delivery (“Configuring the blockchain for secure content delivery”) this will allow Disney to check that the content arrives at its destination before the reading of said content is authorized. The system can also track the number of times a movie is viewed, allowing precise management of the amount of plays.

On the other hand, and so little is known about this system to date, there is no doubt that this will not prevent pirates from extracting movies and series directly from Disney +.



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