Disney +: the best series available on the platform

Along the way, the Disney + catalog is becoming more and more complete. There are now very good series to watch urgently. Discover our selection.

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian, the heartbreaking end of season 2. Image Disney

Disney + landed in our region a year ago. And many French people hastened to subscribe to discover the multitude of content available on the SVOD platform. Over the months, its catalog has also become more and more extensive, especially since the integration of the Star section and its more mature content. Among the myriad of programs available, we find all the Disney and Pixar films. But also the whole Star Wars saga and the series derived from its universe. Not to mention the MCU movies and series.

You would have understood it, there is indeed something to do on Mickey’s platform. So much so that every week we detail the new products that have landed on the Disney + catalog. In this article, we will focus exclusively on the best series available on the service. A selection from which you can draw ideas for your next binge-watching sessions.

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Best Disney + series: editor’s selection

The Mandalorian

If there is one series not to be missed under any circumstances, it is this one. Especially if you are a Star Wars lover. Intense action, endearing characters, hectic plot, great emotional charge… The Mandalorian has held a multitude of subscribers around the world in suspense. Proof of its planetary success, a season 3 is currently in preparation. Created by Jon Fabreau, this series stars Pedro Pascal as Mando, a mysterious bounty hunter.

Compared to the movies, it is chronologically five years after the decline of the Galactic Empire. Except that he still has a number of followers like the former officer Gideon. Which seeks to find a creature of the same species as Yoda. A 50-year-old “child” very sensitive to the Force. Missioned to retrieve it, Mando manages to find it and brings it to his sponsors to pocket the bounty. But he ultimately decides to save “baby Yoda” and run away with him, ignoring the danger that such an act entails.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

We stay in a very distant galaxy with The Bad Batch, an animated series taking shape after the Clone Wars. As a reminder, the Jedi were wiped out by Order 66, allowing Palpatine and Vader to reign supreme at the head of the Galactic Empire. In this tense context, five clone soldiers with extraordinary combat capabilities must go and execute supporters of the old Republic.

But unlike their peers, Hunter, Crosshair, Wrecker, Tech and Echo are sentient beings. So much so that they refuse to kill innocent people. An act of treachery which greatly displeases Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin. Which gives the order to Crosshair – victim of brainwashing – to exterminate his former partners. But the squad manages to take off. This is the starting point of the series where we will follow the Bad Batch in exile in the Galaxy, between missions of mercenaries, survival and the quest for a new ideal.


Now it’s time for Marvel with WandaVision, the first series derived from the MCU. This one features Wanda Maximoff after the events told in Avengers: Endgame. And takes pleasure in paying tribute to the iconic sitcoms that have delighted viewers in the past. We warn you, this complex series will become clearer over the episodes. Very original, it has the merit of opening new scriptwriting doors, to say the least, unprecedented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But what are we talking about exactly? Deeply saddened by Vision’s death, Wanda decides to rally the town of Westview where she builds an alternate universe where everything smiles on her. This allows her to find her lover and give birth to twins. Bathing in happiness, however, she will eventually be overtaken by reality …

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Now relying fully on the series, Marvel Studios has a hollow nose. And for good reason, this format makes it possible to develop more deeply the narrative arcs of characters who until then confined themselves to secondary roles. A more than successful bet in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In this fast-paced, action-packed series, Falcon, aka Sam Wilson and the Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes are played by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan respectively.

The pitch? While Steve Rogers had bequeathed his shield to him, Sam Wilson finally decides to leave it at the disposal of the government. Something to irritate Bucky to the highest point. A new Captain America is then appointed in the person of John Walker, an ex-soldier who is struggling to live up to his new status. However, there is an emergency, a terrorist militia is rife with a certain Karli Morgenthau at its head. And his followers have impressive abilities, having ingested the Super-Soldier Serum. Suffice to say that Sam and Bucky will not have time to daydream.

The Simpsons

It is an emblematic series of the small screen. Which is now available in almost its entirety on Disney +. 31 seasons of The Simpsons have been incorporated into the catalog, to the delight of subscribers. An animated series that will have the ability to make you die of laughter while making you think about the world in which we live. And for good reason, this program is an excellent satire of American society through the prism of a typical middle-class family, the famous Simpsons.

Societal mores, alcoholism, the drift of capitalism, discrimination, US political life… Many themes are tackled with a scathing humor which makes all the flavor of the series. For the anecdote, the Simpsons had even predicted the election of Donald Trump, proof of the ability of creators to stick as closely as possible to reality.

Moreover, we particularly appreciate the escapades of Homer, an alcoholic and inveterate gourmand with a big heart. But also those of his son Bart, great dunce in front of the Eternal. For her part, Lisa shines with her intelligence and increased sensitivity which sometimes comes up against the brutality of her peers. Suffice to say that Marge has a job to channel the whole tribe.

Cougar Town

You probably know her for her role as Monica in Friends. But Courteney Cox has also cracked down in other series. As in Cougar Town where she plays the main role. A series that we warmly recommend to you as the adventures that happen to the characters are crazy. The ideal program to breathe and forget all your daily worries.

But what about the scenario? Cougar Town stars a Jules Cobb who has just passed her forties and become single again. She has just separated from her former husband, Boby. And lives with his 17 year old son Travis. But this legendary outspoken real estate agent would like to find a soul mate. To do this, she will mobilize her two acolytes Ellie and Laurie. It will then run into big disappointments but also taste very good surprises!

The Americans

Based on a true story, The Americains is a highly successful spy series that is likely to win you over. We find Keri Russel and Matthew Rhys in the shoes of Soviet spies on an infiltration mission in the United States. This is not easy, especially in the tense context of the Cold War which opposes the Eastern bloc to the Western bloc. Six seasons containing 75 episodes are available on the platform.

Working for the KGB, two officers must do everything to integrate incognito into American society. With this in mind, they pass themselves off as Canadians who have just arrived in Uncle Sam’s country with their two children. A cover that allows them to spy on the enemy and provide essential intelligence to the USSR. But they will have to be very careful, the slightest error risking being fatal to them …


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