Disney +: the best cartoons available on Mickey’s platform

Looking for a cartoon to watch on Disney +? Discover our selection of the best animated films present in the catalog of the SVOD platform.


The Disney + catalog is growing rapidly. Each week, new content is added to the delight of subscribers, always eager for new programs to watch. It is more and more difficult to choose from among the many films and series available on the famous mouse platform. To give you some ideas, we regularly concoct selections of content that you might like.

In doing so, we recently wrote a guide to the best series to watch on Disney +. You will find there in particular The Mandalorian, WandaVision or the Simpsons. In this dossier, we will give pride of place to the cartoons available on the platform. We will obviously include Disney animated films, but not only that. Discover our selection below!

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Best cartoons on Disney +: editor’s pick

Up there

As a child, Carl Fredricksen follows with wonder the discovery of the Paradise Falls by the explorer Charles Muntz. This brings back the remains of a creature he baptizes “Paradise Falls Monster”. Except that the scientific community believes that the skeleton is fictitious. From then on, Carl dreams of going there to wash the honor of his idol. He meets Ellie who has the same fascination with falls as he does. And ends up marrying her. But when Carl finally manages to raise the necessary money for the trip, his dear and loving dies of an illness.

What’s more, his Victorian house is coveted by developers who want to raze it and send the man to a retirement home. Determined to keep it, he attaches a slew of balloons to his home and flies off to Paradise Falls with Russell, a young scout present in spite of himself at the time of take-off. Do not miss this awe-inspiring and moving cartoon. Which may tear you away more than a tear, the end of life and nostalgia for an ideal being narrated with great poetry and accuracy.


Still in the Pixar department, we warmly recommend that you discover Wall-E. This dystopian animated film rightly denounces the overconsumption that is slowly consuming our beautiful planet. Here is the pitch. In a futuristic world, humans must go into space for five years. The Earth has become uninhabitable, being littered with rubbish. Robots called WALL-E are then mobilized to carry out a massive cleaning. But many of them suddenly end up deactivating.

700 years later, only a WALL-E is still standing. This one has a strong character, a very developed sense of resourcefulness and above all an insatiable curiosity. But loneliness and routine weigh him down, as he tirelessly continues to cleanse the Earth. Until the day when a robot called EVE is sent there to search for potential life forms that have survived. WALL-E then falls madly in love with his fellow man …

In addition to splendid images, this animated film has the particularity of including exclusively robotic dialogues. Which in no way detract from the sensitivity of the staged robots. Quite the contrary!


Soul has received critical acclaim, including being voted best animated film at the Golden Globes. As a reminder, it was released directly on Disney + due to the coronavirus. But what is the plot of this animated film with a high philosophical load on the meaning of our existence? Joe Gardner teaches music at a college in New York. Except that he ardently dreams of earning a living by doing jazz, his great passion. He then landed an opportunity one day with Dorothea Williams’ group, a place being vacant.

Impressing musicians with his mastery of the piano, he is invited to perform on stage with the group to prove himself. Mad with excitement, he accidentally falls into a manhole cover, which throws him into the “Big After” where souls make their way to their final destination. Unhappy to have passed away when he was very close to the goal, he tries to flee but ends up in the “Great Before”, where souls are born and prepare for their life on Earth. Accompanied by 22, a rebellious soul, he will then do everything to come back to life.


To be a good cook, you obviously need to have acquired certain techniques. But also to put love in his preparations to convey emotions to his guests. Young rat addicted to cooking, Rémy manages to combine these two fundamental aspects perfectly. With a very developed sense of smell allowing him to perfectly proportion the ingredients, he reads with delight the cookbook of the starred chef Auguste Gusteau, who recently died after losing a star.

At the origin of this demotion, we find the formidable critic Anton Ego. Which does not agree with the motto of Chef Gusteau who believes that cooking is everyone’s business. After a few twists and turns, Rémy ends up inviting himself to his idol’s restaurant. And meets Alfredo, a clerk totally devoid of culinary skills. Managing to seduce a critic by sublimating a soup, the rat will then help Alfredo to shine behind the stove by hiding under his chef’s hat.


“Fantasia is a unique opportunity. For my art, it opens up unlimited perspectives ”, Walt Disney said about him. Released in 1940, this masterpiece is divided into seven parts, each one illustrating classic pieces like Bach’s Toccata and fugue in D minor, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker or Schubert’s fabulous Ave Maria. A true manifesto of animated cinema, it notably features a certain Mickey Mouse in several sequences filled with magic (in the literal and figurative sense of the term). To (re) see urgently!


Unveiled in 1998 in cinemas, Mulan immediately won over audiences and critics alike. Which particularly appreciated the moral induced by the animated film. Namely, that a woman can also accomplish the same feats as a man as long as she is given the freedom to achieve them. As the Huns attack China, the Emperor demands that one man per family be mobilized to defend the country. For her part, Mulan is about to meet the matchmaker in charge of finding her a husband.

But the young girl multiplies the odds and ends up being dismissed by the matchmaker. Having only one daughter, Fa Zhou is forced to go into battle despite his advanced age and illness. Which is not to Mulan’s liking. Which decides to cut her hair and then put on the armor of her father. This in order to replace him on the forehead by posing as a man.


The legend of Pocahontas is still subject to debate. Some sources indicate that this Native American had formed strong friendships with Captain John Smith, even saving him from death on several occasions. In Pocahontas: An Indian Legend, Disney takes a step back from the story by recounting the romance (which would never have happened in reality) between British settler Smith and Pocahontas. While this one is supposed to marry a brave warrior of the tribe, the young girl opposes it and leaves to take refuge with Grand-Mère Feuillage.

For his part, John Smith and the other explorers are in search of gold. This is where the settler meets the beautiful Native American. The daughter of Chief Powhatan then tries to open his eyes to the true nature of the world while transmitting to him values ​​of tolerance which he sorely lacks. She also reveals to him that there is no gold to be found here. A romance will finally be born between the two characters. Which will manage to overcome the enmity between their two peoples, a consequence of the colonialist aspirations of the British. Special mention for the soundtrack and in particular the fabulous track ” Air of wind ” (to listen above).

The Lion King

We couldn’t write this selection without including this great Disney classic. Released in 1994, The Lion King quickly became a staple in the hearts of young and old. Besides the very well-crafted story, we can make many political analogies with this animated film. Which tells the initiatory journey of Simba, son of King Mufasa who reigns over animals. Also brought to become monarch, the young lion cub follows the teachings of his father who tries to explain to him the responsibilities inherent in this function.

Tucked away in the shadows, Scar, the king’s brother, covets the throne ardently. And manages to lure Mufasa into a trap by explaining to him that his son is in great danger. He manages to save the latter but falls into the abyss, released by his Machiavellian brother. Which then explains to Simba that he is responsible for his father’s death and that he must go into exile. Scar then asks the hyenas to kill the lion cub who manages to escape, however. His exile will then allow him to grow and strengthen in order to reconquer the bruised kingdom under Scar’s yoke.

The beauty and the Beast

Never stingy in strong moralities, Disney does it again with Beauty the Beast, a tale that comes in many variations depending on the region of the world where it is told. It emphasizes the idea that it is possible to be seduced by inner beauty and ignore a repulsive appearance at first. In other words, love is not just about physical attraction, true beauty comes from the heart. An adage that a callous young prince learns the hard way at the start of the cartoon.

Cruelty sending back a beggar who offered him a rose in exchange for a place to stay, he finally realizes too late that she is in fact a magician. As punishment, she curses him by transforming him into a hideous beast. To regain his original form, he will have to fall in love with a woman and be loved by her before the last rose petal falls. While the task promises to be impossible, a certain Belle will finally enter his life …

In addition to the powerful dramatic load of the plot, we particularly appreciate the comic aspect conferred by the animated objects of the castle like Big Ben and Light.

The Simpsons, the movie

“Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, he can walk on the ceiling. Can he make a canvas? Of course not, he’s a pig. Beware ! Spider-Pig is here! ” This is the iconic song that everyone who has watched The Simpsons Movie has remembered. Released in 2007, this animated feature film follows Homer and others in a story spanning 87 minutes. Much more than a classic episode.

Hilarious at will, he notably tackles the environmental issue with brio by offering a relevant satire. Here is the starting point. Already heavily polluted, Lake Springfield has become toxic. In question, a certain Homer Simpson who dumped there the stools of his pig which he cherishes. An ecological disaster which pushes the government to isolate the city under a glass dome. For their part, the Simpsons are rallying Alaska after locals have discovered the rose pot.


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