Disney + has two new Marvel series, here is their teaser

While celebrating her two years, the streaming platform Disney + organized a special day to present her next creations. If the Star Wars teasings left fans hungry, the event also allowed to know more than the Marvel series.

Moon Knight: a new Marvel superhero played by Oscar Isaac

We were able to see the first images of Moon Knight which will air next year, where actor Oscar Isaac will star. The series will follow the journey of Marc Spector, a son of a rabbi, who always wanted to become a boxer and join the army.

Left for dead during a mission in Egypt, he is then taken to the time of Khonsu, the God of the Moon. He then agrees to become his representative on Earth: Moon Knight. The series is signed Jeremy Slater who we have already seen at work as a screenwriter on the series Umbrella Academy.

She-Hulk: handover for Mark Ruffalo

Bruce Banner aka Mark Ruffalo, will be featured in She-Hulk, which will air next year on Disney +. As the name suggests, we should witness a handover between his character and his female alter ego.

If the first teaser is extremely brief, we can nevertheless see Jennifer Waters in the guise of her character. Marvel tries to keep some mystery on its series and no doubt that we should learn more over time.

The sequel to the Marvel series on Disney + is coming very quickly and we can follow Hawkeye’s adventures from November 24, when the first two episodes will be broadcast. And because some content is not always available in France, we have put together a guide for you to unlock the US catalog. In terms of streaming, you can also find our article dedicated to the best Netflix programs for this month of November.



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